Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Organisms by Mind Map: Genetically Modified Organisms

1. Key Terms

1.1. DNA (the cellular instructions for the organism that reside in the nucleus)

1.2. Genetic Engineering (making changes in the DNA of an organism)

1.3. GMO (Genetically Modified Organism

1.4. Selective Breeding (the selection of preferable traits when breeding an organism)

1.5. Genome (all of an organism's hereditary information)

1.6. Biotechnology (the use of living things to make products)

2. Misconceptions

2.1. GMOs are always bad

2.2. GMOs are always good

2.3. GMOs are new technology

2.4. GMO crops are dangerous

3. Prior Knowledge

3.1. DNA

3.2. Genes

3.3. Parts of a Cell

3.4. Transcription/Translation

4. Future Topics

4.1. Gene Therapy

4.2. Food Supply Modification

4.3. Ethics (Patenting Genes)

4.4. Other effects to the environment