MIM Marketing Operations

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MIM Marketing Operations by Mind Map: MIM Marketing Operations

1. Graphics

1.1. Infographics

1.2. Banners and thumbnails

1.3. Mockups

1.4. Problem and Escalation Management

1.5. Operations Continuity Plan

1.6. Service Level Management

2. Video

2.1. Motion Graphics

2.1.1. Strategy presentation

2.1.2. Performance Incentive Plan Criteria (TPIPC)

2.2. Video Stitching

2.2.1. Commentaries

2.2.2. Global Intelligence insights

2.2.3. Tim Deacon's Quarterly updates Attendance Incentive Performance Incentive

2.2.4. Got a minute videos Performance Rating Scale

3. MAM.com Management

3.1. Article posting

3.2. Quarterly AUM updates

3.3. Web administration

3.4. Strategy and Fund pages maintenance