Lina Phan

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Lina Phan by Mind Map: Lina Phan

1. Age of Enlightenment

1.1. Scientific Revolution was created which was a new way of thinking about the natural world.

1.2. Copernicus mad the Heliocentric Theory, going against the religious view and was pushed forward by future scholars.

1.3. Scientific method was created and is a logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas.

1.4. Comes the invention of medicine, scientific tools through the scientific method.

1.5. The awake of the Scientific Revolution, scholars and philosophers sought new insight in beliefs about government, religion, economics and education.

1.6. The Enlightenment spread to Europe where 2 different view of the government was made.

1.7. During the 1700s, women started publishing documents of what seem to push the rights of women.

1.8. Enlightment ideas helped free the American colonies from the British rule to create a new nation.

1.9. The Declaration of Independence, created by Thomas Jefferson, is based on the idea of John Locke and the Enlightenment.

1.10. America after declaring their independence, they created a national government that can control all 13 states.

2. French Revolution

2.1. The old social and political system of France, the Old Regime, was broken by the third estate.

2.2. The fall of the Bastille became a symbolic act of revolution of the French people.

2.3. The king and queen was overthrown by the new government because of how horrible of a job the king and queen is.

2.4. The Third Estate created the National Assembly to pass laws.

2.5. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was created, claiming all men are born equal.

2.6. October 1789, thousands of Parisian women rioted over the rising price of bread.

2.7. The National Aassembly stripped the king of much of his authority and replacing it with the Legislative Assembly.

2.8. Women emerged in Paris and demanded equality to men and to have the same social and political reform, creating the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women.

3. Industrial Revolution

3.1. In 1700s, wealthy landowners bought land to try to experiment with new and more efficient ways to farm.

3.2. Livestock breeders improved their methods causing the average weight for lambs to increased from 18 to 50 pounds.

3.3. As food supplies increased and living conditions improve, the population increased as well, demanding for more food and goods like cloth. This caused farmers to lose their jobs to become factory workers.

3.4. Several major inventions had modernised the cotton industry. From the flying shuttle, to the spinning wheel, to water frame.

3.5. The Industrialisation also reached transportation from transferring water out from deep mine shafts, to road transportation.

3.6. The industrialisation that began in Great Britain spread to other parts of the world.

3.7. The Industrial Revolution led to economic, social and political reforms.

4. Imperialism

4.1. During the 19th and early 20th century, Western powers divided Africa and colonized large areas of Asia.

4.2. Industrialization increased the need for raw material and markets. Western imperialists were driven by this need as they looked for colonies to acquire.

4.3. Europeans colonized Africa for the raw material that they had for the Industrialization.

4.4. European nations expanded their empires by seizing territories from Muslim states.

4.5. Demand for Asian products drove Western imperialists to seek possestion of Southeast Asian lands.

4.6. They took over the old Vietnam for the Southeast Asian mainland for more food production.

4.7. Europeans take over many different Asian land for the increase of production and Industrialization.