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Fund Manager by Mind Map: Fund Manager

1. Competence Requirement

1.1. Soft skills

1.1.1. Communication skills

1.1.2. Negotiation skills

1.1.3. Flexibility

1.1.4. Adaptability

1.2. Technical competence

1.2.1. Language: English, French etc.

1.2.2. Management knowledge

1.2.3. Fundamental competence Certification: THOMSON REUTER , BLOOMBERG, CFA Diploma in Finance Related knowledge in market and corporate finance

2. Career

2.1. Precedent post

2.1.1. Your previous jobs Financial advisor Financial analyst Trader

2.2. Evolution

2.2.1. Start your own business in Finance Financial service company: Private equity, Financial consultant

2.3. Remuneration

2.3.1. $ 120,000 /year on average

3. Mission

3.1. Maximum the profits of the funds built by the fund manager

3.1.1. Based on your professional experience and skills required on this area

4. Activities

4.1. Principle activities

4.1.1. Make investing plan

4.1.2. Research work on market and corporations

4.1.3. Build portfolios

4.2. Eventual activities

4.2.1. Get in touch with traders/ Brokers/ Market makers