Primary school teacher

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Primary school teacher by Mind Map: Primary school teacher

1. Qualities

1.1. Personal

1.1.1. love for children and the process of education in their humanity and the right values of life.

1.1.2. the desire for self-improvement.

1.1.3. ability to find positive qualities in each child.

1.1.4. the correct assessment of their capabilities as a teacher.

1.2. Professional

1.2.1. broad outlook and ability to present the material competently;

1.2.2. to teach taking into account the individual characteristics of students;

1.2.3. competent, delivered speech and clear diction;

1.2.4. be able to react to situations quickly and be resourceful, etc.

2. Advantages of the profession

2.1. prestige

2.2. constant intellectual development

2.3. respect in society

2.4. official employment

2.5. good work schedule

2.6. long summer holidays

2.7. good opportunity to work with children, to help them grow spiritually and intellectually

3. Role in a society

3.1. The teacher plays the role of an” engine " in society, a catalyst (accelerator) of social progress.

3.2. A professional teacher is a successive link in the inextricable chain between the historical past of the society and its promising future.

3.3. A teacher is a person authorized by society to represent the world of youth to the older generation.

4. The main components of the activities

4.1. Constructive activity of the teacher

4.1.1. The teacher selects, creates a composition, designs educational material. The design includes: the contents of the future activities (lessons, extra-curricular activities); teacher's system and sequence of actions; the system and sequence of actions of the student.

4.2. Organizational activity of the teacher

4.2.1. organization of the teacher's activities on the transfer of the content of education;

4.2.2. organization of teacher behavior;

4.2.3. organization of children's activities.

4.3. Communicative activity of the teacher

4.3.1. Covers the sphere of teacher-student relations.

4.4. Gnostic activity

4.4.1. The study of the teacher's own activities;

4.4.2. Teacher's study of the content, means, methods, forms of activities;

4.4.3. The teacher's study of the merits and demerits of his personality and activities in order to improve.

5. Important components of a modern teacher

5.1. knowledge of modern technologies

5.2. creative ability

5.3. ability to reflect

5.4. ICT competence