e Tourism for Iran By Mehdi Eshraghi

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e Tourism for Iran By Mehdi Eshraghi by Mind Map: e Tourism for Iran By Mehdi Eshraghi

1. SME's

1.1. Training SME's

1.1.1. Market Research & Targeting Market Segmentation Offline Segmentation Online Segmentation Check out competitors Google AdWords MOZ SpyFu SEMRush Monitoring Google Alerts Social Mention Topsy

1.1.2. Planning & Development Services Developing a Tourism Package

1.1.3. Pricing Penetration Pricing Skimming Pricing Competition Pricing

1.1.4. Placing

1.1.5. Promoting Website Design Free Blog Hosting Services Content Management Systems (CMS) Web Advertising Search advertising Banner Ad SEO Marketing Keyword Tool Word frequency Local listings and classifieds. Trends Email Marketing Mail Chimp Content Marketing Online videos Blog Social Media Marketing

1.1.6. Surveys & Analysis Survey Survey Monkey Form Site Survey Share Google Doc Statistics Google Analytics Histats

2. پاورپوینت همایش اصفهان