Culture of Health

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Culture of Health by Mind Map: Culture of Health

1. Individual

1.1. Safe Medication Practices

1.1.1. Use medication as directed. Do not share medication. Do not use others medication. Store medication safely. Dispose of unused medication. Model safe practices to others.

1.2. Live a healthy lifestyle

1.2.1. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally on a daily basis, such as eating healthy, exercising, and talking with friends.

2. Community

2.1. Education

2.1.1. Educational resources regarding medication use and misuse should be available to all members of society.

2.2. Treatment Services and Counseling

2.2.1. Treatment and counseling should be easily accessible and affordable for all members of society.

2.3. Prevention

2.3.1. Prevention measures should be taken, especially in high-risk areas.

3. Healthcare System

3.1. Physicians

3.1.1. Only prescribe when necessary. Do not overprescribe. Inform patients of risks associated with medication use.

3.2. Pharmacists

3.2.1. Utilize a prescription drug monitoring program in order to reduce prescription misuse.

3.3. Insurance Companies

3.3.1. Provide coverage for non-narcotic pain treatment, such as acupuncture and physical therapy.

4. Media

4.1. Pharmaceutical Advertising

4.1.1. Eliminate direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising.

4.2. Reduce Stigma

4.2.1. Utilize outlets—such as T.V., Radio, and Celebrities—to fight back against the stigma surrounding substance use and mental health disorders.