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Initial Ideas by Mind Map: Initial Ideas

1. Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Methods within the machining sections.

1.1. Project Description

1.1.1. This project will include, looking into replacing old machines with newer and faster machines, this will improve the working environment and the flow of components. this project will also include setting up new processes to improve the process.

1.2. Reasons for Improvement,

1.2.1. Excessive Waste

1.2.2. Old/Slow machines

1.2.3. Long Setup Times

1.2.4. Untidy Workshop

1.2.5. Lost Tools

1.2.6. Machines waiting for material

1.2.7. Poor Working Environment for machine loaders

1.2.8. Long communication trail to trigger manufacturing

1.3. Requirements

1.3.1. Processes must be clear and easy to follow

1.3.2. More data must be used to monitor tooling

1.3.3. Better setup sheets put in place to speed up the process

1.4. How the success will be measured

1.4.1. Feedback from machine setters

1.4.2. Tidy workshop

1.4.3. No lost tools

1.4.4. Better tool storage

1.4.5. Easy step to trigger manufacture

2. Redesign of the Product Assembly Section.

2.1. Project Description

2.1.1. This project will involve, the relocation of our product assembly area. It will also involve the complete redesign of the assembly lines.

2.2. Reasons for Improvement,

2.2.1. Poor product flow

2.2.2. High levels of scrap

2.2.3. Untidy/Unclean working environment

2.2.4. Lack of space

2.2.5. High levels of wasted time

2.3. Requirements

2.3.1. Each assembly line must have and easy flow, increasing the speed of the assembly process

2.3.2. The new processes must be clear and easy to follow by all employees

2.3.3. The working environment bust be better than the current, therefore motivating the employees

2.3.4. The clear processes will decrease the level of misassembled products

2.4. How the success will be measured

2.4.1. Faster Assembly times

2.4.2. Lower lever of assembly re-work required

2.4.3. Feedback from employees regarding the working environment.

2.4.4. Better processes, measured by comparing the current data

3. Implementation of Environmental improvements+ Introduction of ISO 14001.

3.1. Project Description

3.1.1. This project will involve, putting in place procedures that will improve how environmentally friendly we are as a company. It will also include the implementation of the ISO 14001 standards.

3.2. Reasons for Improvement

3.2.1. Poor recycling processes

3.2.2. High levels of waste

3.2.3. ISO 14001 can be used as a selling point

3.2.4. Improve the working environment

3.2.5. Excessive use of paper and packaging

3.2.6. Improve reputation

3.3. Requirements

3.3.1. To put in place easy to follow recycling processes

3.3.2. Decrease our levels of waste

3.3.3. Reduce our use of paper

3.3.4. Improve the working environment for our employees and surrounding businesses

3.4. How the success will be measured

3.4.1. Lower paper and printing bills

3.4.2. Lower levels of waste

3.4.3. Employee satisfaction will measure the better working environment