The Battle of Hastings

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The Battle of Hastings by Mind Map: The Battle of Hastings

1. Contestants for the English crown

1.1. Harold Godwinson

1.1.1. King chosen by the weir - Group of earls and dukes

1.1.2. His claim Edward the confessor had said he should be king on his deathbed.

1.2. Harold Hardrada

1.2.1. King of Norway

1.2.2. His claim Had been earlier told by Edward that he was the rightful king.

1.3. William

1.3.1. Duke of Normandy

1.3.2. His claim There is a story that Harold swore a oath that he would do everything in his power to make William be the king of england. Had been earlier told by Edward and Harold hardrada that he was the rightful king.

2. Facts about edward the confessor

2.1. Death

2.1.1. He died on the 5th of January 1066

3. The Battles

3.1. Hastings

3.1.1. Harold Hardrada against William on October 5 1066

3.1.2. After the fast march south his army were tired and exhausted. They were also not trained well since they were farmers.

3.1.3. On the other hand, Williams army was well rested since they had to wait for the wind direction to change, and they were extremely well trained.

3.1.4. Consequently, the Normans were much more prepared for the battle.

3.1.5. On the top of the hill was Harold Godwinson, they formed a shield wall.

3.1.6. William's army were in three sections; in the middle there were the normans, on the left there were the bretons, and on the right there were the flemish. Each section had archers in the front, then foot soldiers, then knights on horseback.

3.1.7. First williams archers fired, but they did nothing to the shield wall. Then the foots-soldiers attacked. Harold told them to stay put but they ran away. William took this as a tactic and they pretended to run away - lots of farmers ran after them but since they were untrained - lots were killed.

3.1.8. After lots of fighting, Godwinson was killed.

3.1.9. William was crowned on Christmas day 1066.

3.2. Stanford Bridge

3.2.1. Morning of the 25th September 1066

3.2.2. Hardrada's army was on the top of the hill - Godwinson's on the bottom.

3.2.3. Hardrada's army formed a shield wall which was charged through by Godwinson. Godwinson charged over the bridge then up the hill. Hardrada and his brother was killed.

3.2.4. After the battle Godwinson received news that the normans had arrived at Pevensey bay. He marched his army south in 3 days.

3.3. Fulford

4. Notes

4.1. Wiliam makes the bayeux tapestry once he has been crowned

4.2. william changes the dates on a book, which makes him the ruler of england before