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Esperanza's Dream House by Mind Map: Esperanza's Dream House
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Esperanza's Dream House

From the vingette "Hips" (Page(s) 49-52) Whene Esperanza, Lucy, and Reachel were rhyming and daydreaming.  

Living room

Red-fuzz couch w/slipcover

Because she saw them at Eleneta's house when she visited there as a girl.

Photo of Esperanza's old house

The reason that Esperanza would have a photo of her old house would be to show her exactly how far she came, and to show her what she has been through, and the character she has gained through her old house.

Cleopatra painting

From page 81, how Esperanza desribes her self as both a girl and a Cleopatra. This would help her relize that everyone has a littie child in them, and its ok to not be so serious all of the time.

TV set

When Esperanza was 15 years old, she was baby sitting Elenita's child, there was a bugs bunny cartoon running in the backround. She was so amazed by this, and really wanted one as a child.


From page 12-13, in the vingette "Cathy Who is the Queen of Cats." Esperanza would own cats to remembor her good friend and neighbor, Cathy. "Cathy who owns cats, cats, and even more cats..."

Esperanza's Room

Red Clown statues

Red clowns would remind Esperanza of the unforgettable day at the fair. Sally told Esperanza to wait by the tilt-a-whirl and the red clowns. She did, but sally never came. Then, some outsider boys came and sexualy harrased her. This will remind her of when she unofficialy turned in to a woman. It will also remind her of the mean, cruel, unfair world that lies just out the door. Page 99-101

Brown and White 4 poster bed

Color of shoes "And new socks and the old saddle shoes I wear to school, brown and white..." Chanclas pg.47

Yellow sheets

"But I knew her sick from the disease that would not go, her legs bunched under the yellow sheets, the bones gone limp as worms." Born Bad pg. 58.....Aunt Lupe

Yellow pillow

"The yellow pillow, the yellow smell." From the vingette "Born Bad" (pages 58-60)  


From the vingette "Hips" (Page(s) 49-52) Whene Esperanza, Lucy, and Reachel were rhyming and daydreaming.  




From the vingette "Hairs" (Pages 6-7) "My papa's hair is like a broom." This could renew her memories of her father, and his dusty, dirty hair.  

Coconuts and Papayas

From the vingette "Raphaela Who Drinks Coconut and Papaya Juice on Tuesdays" Whaen Esperanza was a teenager, one of her temperary neighbors was Raphaela, whos husband mistreated her. So Esperanza, Racheal, and Lucy would always go to the store for her (because she couldn't leave the household) on Tuesdays.


From the vingette "No Speak English" (Pages 76-78" When Esperanza was explaining that all that her father would eat was Hamandeggs when he first moved to the United States of America. She would probably have these out for her father to eat when he was home alone (because he can't cook).


From the vingette "The monkey garden" From Pages 94-98 "Dead cars appering over night like mushrooms"


From the vingette "Hairs"  (page(s) 6-7) "...Mama's hair smells like a freash loaf of bread..." Esperanza said that.



I think that Esperanza would really like to have a chandalier because whaen she was describing her garndmother, she was saying how she was like a chandalier. Esperanza thought that her grandma could have been something more than she is today. To Esperanza, it is a symbol of integrity, and will modivate her through tough times.  

Key holder

From the vingette "The Monkey Garden" (pages 94-98) When Sally gets her keys stolen from the boys, and Esperanza runs to go and get help.


From the vingette "Boys and Girls" (Pages 8-9). "Until then I am a red ballon, a ballon tied to an anchor" This could act as a milestone of her success, and show her how see progressed over the years, and how the seperation of boys between girls held her back. Like a ballon to an anchor.

Parents room

Nice couch/bed

I think that Esperanza woulb supply her parents with a lot of comterable and luxurious furnishings because she knew, that as a young child, that her parents went through a lot of challenging times. So I believe that she would want them to relax, and have a nice, wakeless sleep.


From the vingette "One Smart Cookie". How Mama told her that she could have been much more than she is today, is she applied her self. So I think that in Esperanza's dream house, she would give mama the oppertunitie to continue to learn, like always did want to.

Music Box

From the vingette "One Smart Cookie" (pages 90-92) As Mama would listen to her Opera reacords, dreaming away her life.


Pine trees

Just like the chandalier, these trees will modivate her, and show her he never ending possibilitys that are avaliable to her. They will also reminder her of the harsh times that she went through as a child. Page

2 Rusty cars

As A child, Esperanza's free time and fun time were spend for countless hours at the near by garden, or "mokey Garden". I think that she would to have this addition to her house to show her children and the many generations to come how "fun" evolved over time, and the resources needed to have fun.


From the vingette "The Monkey Garden" (pages 94-97). "There were Sunflowers as big as flowers on Mars and thick Cockscombs bleeding the deep red fringe of theater curtin."


From the vingette "hairs" (Page(s) 6-7) When Esperanza looks at her Mama's hair and sees little rosettes.


"The monkey Used to live there."

By: Jack Spellman, Lia Yoo, and Art Perkitney



From the vingette "Chanclas" (page 46-48) "My feet swell big and heavy like plungers, but I drag them across the linoleum floor straight center where uncle wants to show off the new dance moves we learned."    

Whale Themed

From the vingette "Cathy Who is the Queen of Cats" (page 12-13) "She used to own a building as big as a whale, but her big brother sold it." Esperanza could have this in memory of Cathy, to go with the cats.  

Mirror painted pink and white

"...She got the socks and the new slip with a little rose on it and a pink-and-white striped dress." From the vingette "Chanclas" (pages 46-48)  

Linoleum roses

"The Linoleum roses on the floor"


For obvious reasons.