1. Business Planning Webinar 6 Aug 19 One Page Business (Action) Plan (Pete Wilkinson framework)

Biggerplate Webinar, 6 Aug 19 (1 of 4 maps) Business Planning - Introduction

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1. Business Planning Webinar 6 Aug 19 One Page Business (Action) Plan (Pete Wilkinson framework) by Mind Map: 1. Business Planning Webinar 6 Aug 19 One Page Business (Action) Plan (Pete Wilkinson framework)

1. One Page Business Plan

1.1. Twitter @petewilkinson [email protected] www.reclaro.com

1.1.1. Who to contact for information about the concept

1.2. Intellectual Property owner

2. Other frameworks

2.1. Management by Objectives

2.1.1. Peter Drucker in his 1954 book, The Practice of Management.

2.2. Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

2.2.1. “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr. Zorian Rotenberg. Inspiring Google founders

2.2.2. 1970's Intel, Andy Grove CEO 'Management by Objectives'

2.3. ....... and many, many more

2.4. All seeking to achieve Clarity, Focus (Priorities), and Measures of Progress

3. Essence of the concepts

3.1. Clear intention

3.1.1. Vision, mission

3.1.2. When you don't know where you want to go, any road will do

3.2. Priorities vs distractions

3.2.1. Doing the thinking and research to be clear what to do

3.2.2. and what NOT to do

3.3. Tracking progress

3.3.1. Having clear goals, objectives, plan to measure progress

4. Introduced to this framework when a client used it to simplify their business planning

4.1. Our client had been trained by the Reclaro team and were implementing the approach for their business planning

4.2. Although Reclaro have an app due out to support electronic creation of the plans, it was not available at the time

4.3. Biggerplate was asked if mind mapping could be used to capture, prioritise and document the plan, AND monitor progress across multiple functions

4.3.1. Creating real time views of progress

4.3.2. Enabling real time collaboration on the plans and their evolution

5. Could mind mapping help to capture and maintain progress of a 1-3-5 plan?

5.1. Capture - Yes

5.2. Electronic document for sharing and collaboration - Yes

5.3. Electronic document that could be updated and monitored real time - Yes

5.4. Electronic document that visually represented the 1-3-5 structure and simplicity - Yes

5.5. Fred - worried about sales approach

6. Which mind mapping app was most suitable for the job?

6.1. MindMeister

6.2. Cloud based, browser based - no software on computers, servers, within the enterprise no matter how big or small

6.3. No word and narrative limits (yet discovered) in topics/ideas - unconstrained

6.4. Easy interlinking of related maps so navigation between them is simple and real time changes can be captured

6.5. Was this what MindMeister was designed for?

6.5.1. I don't think so, but it does the job brilliantly.

7. Does Biggerplate have an interest in MindMeister or Reclaro?

7.1. No

7.2. Biggerplate is the best source of online mind mapping templates, training, tutorials and use cases (webinars showing real world uses of mind mapping) to illustrate how useful mind mapping is.

7.3. To be the best source, we have to remain objective about mind mapping: apps, approaches, uses and techniques

7.3.1. So no allegiance to particular software or apps

8. Example: Garden Retreats

9. Parking lot

9.1. Thoughts that do not fit yet

9.2. Ideas that we do not know what to do with

9.3. Contentious issues to take offline

9.4. Detail we do not want to get into on this map

9.5. Related factors that we do not know where they fit yet

10. The concept

10.1. Create a clear 'vision'

10.1.1. This is the vision that inspires you

10.1.2. This is not the vision you use in corporate publicity

10.1.3. It is stated in language as if it has happened - put yourself in the future time and place when you say it

10.2. Support the vision with ONLY 3 Core Objectives

10.2.1. This drives clear thinking

10.2.2. This creates an achievable load

10.3. Support each Core Objective with 5 Goals, actions that will contribute toward achieving the objective

10.4. The resulting plan is called a 1-3-5 plan

10.5. If you want to explore using this concept fully, contact Pete Wilkinson's organisation Reclaro

10.5.1. www.reclaro.com