Culture of Health

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Culture of Health by Mind Map: Culture of Health

1. Individuals

1.1. Education

1.1.1. Safe Medication Practices This includes the use of medication as prescribed by a healthcare professional and avoiding the use of non-prescribed medication. By practicing safe medication practices, it sets an example for others to follow as well.

1.2. Health Advocate

1.2.1. Take Action Be conscious and aware of the medication taken. This may involve talking with a general healthcare provider and understanding the side effects of the medication.

1.2.2. Positive Alternatives There are other options available instead of relying on medication as a quick fix such as nutrition, exercise, etc.

2. Healthier Communities

2.1. Resources for help

2.1.1. Generation Rx The Generation Rx serves as a learning community that helps provide educational resources of safe medication practices for audiences of all ages.

2.1.2. CommunityRx A program in Chicago that connected patients to a wide range of resources for social needs such as smoking-cessation classes.

2.2. Sharing Information

3. Healthcare System

3.1. Pharmaceutical Industry

3.1.1. Research and Development Try to bring together research teams from different disciplines to collaborate on the same research topic to gain a shared understanding of the topic.

3.2. Consumer Experience and Quality

3.2.1. Increase the insurance coverage that allows more users to have access to medical care and coverage.

4. Cross-Sector Collaboration

4.1. Public Policy

4.1.1. Affordable Care Act This established an incentive for health care providers, public health agencies, hospitals, and employers to engage in widespread health improvement programs that improve public health.

4.1.2. Strategies For instance, public policy in stopping tobacco reduction. Focus on developing pricing, prevention, and education that can eventually create a public policy like taxes or other approaches that can promote healthy habits.