Force-feeding Anorexic patients

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Force-feeding Anorexic patients by Mind Map: Force-feeding Anorexic patients

1. Legalities

1.1. Mental Health Act

1.1.1. Starzomska limits treatment available to be given to patient based on circumstances

2. Ethics

2.1. Emotional Trauma

2.1.1. Saul "making capacity is the cornerstone of autonomy"

2.2. Physical Trauma

2.2.1. Blumstein infections and illness

2.3. Behavioral Consequences

2.3.1. Starzomska The influence it has

3. Types

3.1. Gastroenteric

3.1.1. Blumstein Tubes, complications and solutions

3.2. Aggressive force feeding

3.2.1. Rabin "Weight gain more urgent" refeeding syndrome

3.3. nonaggressive forcefeeding

3.3.1. Rabin slower, steady

3.4. Hart

3.4.1. Believed all were ineffective for one reason or another due to lack of system/records

4. Effective Vs Ineffective

4.1. Effective

4.1.1. Hart With proper methods including recording BMI weight change and length of of stay If a standard procedure was created it would be more effective and prewar to better understanding for treatment No means proved mOre effective than another because of lack of information for all

4.2. Ineffective

4.2.1. Starzomska "Mistreatment of patients" "Destroys relationship of trust between patient and practitioner and jeopardizes the patient’s prospects of long-term recovery" "showed that nasogastric feeding was a more effective alternative to less subtle forcible feeding as it resulted in faster and more substantial weight gain when applied over a similar period of time"

4.2.2. Saul She can communicate, and her intelligence is favourably commented on – E having been for several years a medical student.