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1. 1833 Charles Babbage (1792-1871) devised the first information processing machine. Ade august Byron, I help in the concept of the machine

1.1. 1847 The British George Boole developed a new type of algebra (boolean algebra) and started the studies of symbolic logic.

1.1.1. 1941 Konrad Suze introduced the z3 the first programmable electromagnetic computer through a perforated tape. It had 2,000 electromagnets a memory of 64 words of 22 bits, weighed 1,000 Kg and cosumia 4,000 wats. A delayed edition 0,9 seconds while a multiplication or division took 3 sec .. 1943 Experts in the British Army led by Alan Turing. He built colossus, a computer that allowed deciphering in a few seconds and automatic the secret messages of the Nazis. During the Second World War encrypted by the enigma machine. 1947 The engineers Jobo Presper Eckert and John W Mauchly, developed for the army of U.S.A, in the laboratory of ballistic investigations to Aberdeen, the E.N.I.A.C, (Electronic Numerical Integrator and calculator), considered the first computer since its operation is completely electronic

2. 1671 German mathematician philosopher gottfried Leibniz developed a multiplier machine.

3. 1642 The French Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) invented and built the first mechanical adder, the pascalina to addition and subtraction.

4. 2500 a.c. THE ABACUS: it was the first instrument used by man to facilitate his calculation operations