Culture of Health

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Culture of Health by Mind Map: Culture of Health

1. Patient Engagement

1.1. An educated & engaged patient discussing their health with their providers can lead to improved patient health.

1.2. Patients engaging in self-prescribing & self-medication with the consultation with their providers.

2. Patient Adherence

2.1. Patient following their prescription drug orders.

2.2. Refraining from misusing or taking someone-else's prescription medication.

3. Healthcare service improvements

3.1. Improvements to the Patient Medication Experience is important to improving patient medication-related needs.

3.2. Providing as much resources available to patients, which gives a holistic view on ways to combat health issues.

4. Community Engagement

4.1. Social & media sites engaging combating the misinformed public and stereotypes on chronic illness & medication facts.

4.2. Advertising resources for the public to be a more engaging and reinforcing positive health behavior.