Barium Symbol: Ba Mass: 137.327 Atomic number: 56

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Barium Symbol: Ba Mass: 137.327 Atomic number: 56 by Mind Map: Barium Symbol: Ba Mass: 137.327 Atomic number: 56

1. what are the uses of this chemical?

1.1. Used mostly in drilling fluids for oil and gas walls

1.2. When combined with sulfate it can be given to patients as treatment if they are suffering digestive disorders

1.3. Used in paint and glass making

1.4. Used in fireworks to give it a green colour

2. What are its affects on humans, animals and the environment?

2.1. Baz+Ion and the soluble compounds or barium are toxic to humans, however barium sulfate is insoluble so it is not toxic.

2.2. Barium is flammable as it can reignite after a fire and this makes it harmful to the environment.

2.3. When barium compounds devolve they are found in lakes affecting the animals, since fish will be affected from barium in there body because it is toxic.

2.4. Barium is found in solids and sediments, being very hazardous to the environment.

3. Physical properties

3.1. Colour: Silvery-White

3.2. Clarity: Opaque

3.3. State: Solid

3.4. Lustre: Shiny

3.5. Melting Point: 727 Degrees Celsius

3.6. Density: 3.5 g/cm3

4. chemical properties

4.1. It will turn black, then white during the reaction as barium oxide is formed.

4.2. Barium reacts readily with water to form barium hydroxide.

4.3. Barium is very flammable making it combustible.

5. where is barium found in nature?

5.1. Barium is an element found in nature. For instance, it is found in minerals like baryte.

5.2. Barium is not found in air, but reacts with it

5.3. Barium is not found in water, but reacts with it

5.4. Exist in compounds like barium bromide (BaBr2)

6. brief history of its discovery

6.1. Barium was first noticed in the form of pebbles in the 17th century from and italian by the name of vincezo casclarolo.

6.2. Pure barium metal was identified in 1808 in london by humpry davy.