Stakeholder inclusiveness

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Stakeholder inclusiveness by Mind Map: Stakeholder inclusiveness

1. Identify and describe stakeholders

2. Stakeholders include

2.1. Employee

2.2. Other workers

2.2.1. Safe work place Health and Safety p.14 Engagement & well-being p.14 Diversity & inclusion p.14

2.3. Shareholders

2.4. Supplies

2.4.1. Yes

2.5. Vulnerable group

2.6. Local communities

2.6.1. Yes

2.7. NGOs

2.8. Other civil society organizations

3. How to make decisions

3.1. Consider the reasonable expectations

3.2. the interest of stakeholders

4. Definition of stakeholders

5. Consider reasonable expectations & interests

5.1. Many stakeholders

6. Engaging with our stakeholders

6.1. A variety of mechanisms

6.1.1. Understand the needs of stakeholders

6.2. Sandfire’s Sustainability Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that they manage relationships in a consistent and accountable way.