Tax Orientation

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Tax Orientation by Mind Map: Tax Orientation

1. Payroll

1.1. Hourly

1.1.1. Agents getting paid hourly are going to get paid $8 an hour, plus a $15 commission for each client they ring in themselves.

1.2. Comission

1.2.1. Agents who choose to get paid by commission will get 25% of what the system charges per client.

2. Bonuses

2.1. $200

2.1.1. A $200 bonus will be given to each agent after every 50 clients they bring in.

2.2. $2,000

2.2.1. A $2,000 bonus will be given to each agent, aside from the $200 after every 200 clients they bring in.

3. 5% Deduction

3.1. Marketing

3.1.1. Be sure to market for yourself on social media and businesses as well as go out and speak to other individuals when there is nothing to do at the office.

3.1.2. Make sure your always on time and present for all events and cookouts planned by the office supervisor to market as a team and for the office itself.

3.2. Customer Service

3.2.1. Treat all your clients with kindness and respect. Be professional and presentable as well.

3.2.2. Answer your phone call and text messages from all your clients and make sure to answer all their questions, concerns and doubts.