Analysis of Brief (MINDMAP)

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Analysis of Brief (MINDMAP) by Mind Map: Analysis of Brief (MINDMAP)

1. Target Users

1.1. A family of a homosexual couple with an adopted son.

1.1.1. Johnson Coco Jr. 37 years old Brazilian His parent abandoned him when he was 9 years old, then he went to the foster home and became a disobedient kid. He was addicted to drug in 21 years old, then when he finally got discharged from a 6 year prison term, he corrected his mistake and had started a new life in a company in metropolitan area of São Paulo. It’s where he greeted his soulmate Johnny.

1.1.2. Johnny Ramones Gatrick 34 years old Brazilian He’s a rustic boy who has lived in the farm for 21 years. He decided to go to the metropolitan area, and learn new things from the new world. Unfortunately, he got played and tricked by a woman when he was 23. He gave her everything including his income and love but then got dumped by her, which has mentally left a trauma to him of dating a girl. He quickly got back on the horse, and became a successful man in a company. It was at this point, he greeted his soulmate Johnson.

1.1.3. Sam 4 years old Brazilian Johnson and Johnny have been together for 10 years, they want to have a family so they adopted Sam from the orphanage.

1.1.4. During the 2014~2017 Brazilian drought in southeast metropolitan area of São Paulo, Johnson and Johnny are forced to relocated to a refugee community in 2016. They have an adopted son Sam, which make them a family of 3.

2. Construction

2.1. The container is 12 feet long. The container is a rectangle shape, in one big side of the container, it will be design as a full glass door, which can help the container to be more creative.

2.2. There will be solar panels on the top of the container. During the day time it will save up the energy, and there will be electric for the user to use.

3. Aesthetics

3.1. The container will be mainly separate as three parts.

3.1.1. Part 1 - Bathroom (Left) The third part in the left side of the container, has the smallest area out of threes. It’s a bathroom with a toilet, washstand and shower.

3.1.2. Part 2 - Dining room and Kitchen (Middle) The second area part which is in the middle, there will be a round wood desk and chairs. There will also be sink, gas stove and cleaning area in the middle part. It’s like a kitchen and dining room. There will be one movable cabinet for storing stuffs, and there will also be fixed cabinet on the wall to store the plate and other thing.

3.1.3. Part 3 - Sleeping Room (Right) On the right part it’ll be the sleeping area, a sofa bed will be put in the then there will be a division between sleeping part and usual resting part.

4. Style

4.1. The main style of the container house is aiming for warm and household. It should be allow the family to live very happily and peacefully in it.

5. Function

5.1. The main function of this container house is to allow the user to live constantly and sustainable. It should have a sustainable electrical power to run the switches and light. It can help to generate enough power for the family supply.