Global Education

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Global Education by Mind Map: Global Education

1. United States

1.1. Federal funding and legislation.

1.2. National Standards in STEM

1.2.1. Common Core State Standards or CCSS

1.2.2. Results from International Assessments

1.3. Accessibility to Technology Education through the International Technology Education Association or ITEA

2. Mexico

2.1. Place-based education

2.2. Research teams as an institutional collective for developing educators.

2.2.1. Paulo Freire and Jean Piaget links to psycho-scoial, historical, and learning problems from within the classroom and relate to the community setting.

2.3. Problem-based learning

2.3.1. Technology integration to demonstrate teaching mechanisms that enhance comprehension of students and the community members.

3. Taiwan

3.1. Traditional content delivery

3.1.1. Mathematics attracts more interest from students in the U.S. verses Taiwanese students feel anxious.

3.2. Technology application influenced by teacher competency, school size, class content and school support.

3.3. Professional development for teachers to acquire technology training.

4. India

4.1. Government sponsored programs

4.2. Technology perspectives varying among regions, schools, beliefs and curricula.

4.2.1. Alternate technologies

4.3. Collaborative learning

4.4. Cultural teaching and practices

4.4.1. Centralized curriculum

4.4.2. National vs. State curriculum

4.4.3. Avoidance of the unknown