Ruairi’s Costume

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Ruairi’s Costume by Mind Map: Ruairi’s Costume

1. Creates distinct contrast

2. Contrast from before and after accident

3. The makeup will help to create a contrast between his appearance before and after the accident

4. Senior school boy age

4.1. 16

4.2. GCSE year

4.3. Modern day (2018)

4.4. Private schooled

4.4.1. Middle class

4.4.2. On a sports scholarship

5. His character

5.1. Ruairi’s character takes huge pride in his appearance

5.1.1. This is because he realises how lucky he is that he is able to attend a private school

5.1.2. His character ensures his clothing (uniform) and hair is always in good condition He cares and makes an effort in how he looks

6. Before the accident

6.1. He’s a healthy looking boy with clear skin and wears clothing that suggest he’s made an effort

7. After the accident

7.1. Ruairi clearly has more important things to be concerned about rather than the way he looks

7.1.1. In order to emphasise this I will use hair and makeup to transform his appearance to express his new priorities

8. Hair

8.1. My aim for changing Ruairi’s hair is so that the audience will notice a distinct change in appearance before and after the accident

8.2. To make him look like he hasn’t made an effort;

8.2.1. I will backcomb it to form obvious knots and messiness

8.2.2. To suggest it hasn’t been washed or brushed recently I will; Put a small amount of gel in it to make the hair look slightly greasy and unclean

9. Makeup

9.1. The purpose of the makeup I am going to apply is to highlight the tiredness and sadness of Ruairi’s character

9.1.1. To make him look exhausted; I’ll use a dark brown eyebrow brush and follow the natural lines of the eye starting from just below the inner corners Then I am going to use a pencil brush with a dark pink/purple shade and apply it only to the inner corners Using the dark brown eyebrow push again I am going to drag his eyes dark from the outside corner to make a droopy effect Then with another clean brush I’ll blend all of the eyeshadow together to make the makeup more realistic, and less obvious that he is wearing makeup Finally I am going to again use the dark pink/purple coloured eyeshadow and apply a little bit to the upper inner corner

9.2. I am also going to make Ruari’s character looks stressed

9.2.1. By using makeup I will put some red spots on his face and make the texture of his skin rough and patchy

10. Outfit

10.1. Before accident

10.1.1. His school uniform will be neatly worn His white shirt will look freshly ironed with no creases, his trousers will be the correct length with no holes or stains, his shoes will be polished

10.2. After accident

10.2.1. His school uniform will be messy His shirt will be creased and stained in places, his trousers will not be worn with a belt, with mud stains from football, his shoes will not be shiny