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Showdown Displays by Mind Map: Showdown Displays
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Showdown Displays

Promotional Campaigns

Vertical Market Channel LeadNetPro Campaigns (MN, WI,SD, ND, IA)

-----Original Message----- From: y2kevents To: jbruellman Cc: Joiner8443 Sent: Sat, Nov 19, 2011 5:10 am Subject: Re: Next Steps -- Showdown Lead Generation Hi there, Per your message below, don't worry, there is no rush. You can develop this at your leisure. You may probably want to wait anyway with the launch of any campaign until after the Holidays. In the interim, here is some input. 1. Campaign Example -- Here is an example of a Voice Broadcasting campaign we're doing for an Incentives company to Radio Stations. Just listen to the draft phone call and follow the instruction: a. This is the phone message that will go out to thousands of Radio Stations b. This is the landing page for the Station Manager c. If the Radio Station wants to do the campaign, this is what they sent the listener 2. Signage to Cell Phone -- Here is a response I posted to a Posting on one of my LinkedIn groups. This is starting to be a big thing for Trade Show Booth Exhibitors: Trade Show Sign Ideas 1. Question Posted on LinkedIn Group: I am trying to come up with a cool idea to "display" to people different areas of our trade show booth (we have 11 areas). Usually I would just create a small table-tent-ish sign with a diagram and title of what they're looking at - or some sort of "map of the booth". I am trying to think outside of the box. Any ideas? 2. My Response: Integrate Mobile Marketing into your booth signage. In other words, add a 'text us' offer to the booth signage that responds with an offer, information, promo, incentive, etc. when folks send the text form their cell phone. It adds an interactive component to your booth sign and build an OPT-IN cell phone list. You could also add QR codes to your booth signs. Our program is at 3. Prospect Lead Generation -- We have now also added capability to identify prospects by category by zip code. Happy Holidays, Daniel Prins>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: John Bruellman To: y2kevents Sent: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 5:04 am Subject: RE: Next Steps -- Showdown Lead Generation Dan – Just checking in.  We have not forgotten about this effort.  It’s been a bit crazy here, but we have some time scheduled on Monday to sort it out.  We’ll be back in touch shortly! Thanks – John Bruellman From: [] Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 6:16 PM To: John Bruellman Cc: Subject: Next Steps -- Showdown Lead Generation Hi there, l. I have updated the next steps per your instructions a. Your Scripts -- Are shown by clicking the icons right to the channel heading. b. Links to websites -- Are shown as arrows right to the subject. lll. Landing Pages -- You need to create the landing pages so that your voice mail script logically leads into the landing page and prompts the visitor to 'take the next step', -- i.e., fill out the form. You can use your own program to create landing pages or I can send you what I use. lll. Once you have the right combination of a broadcast message and landing page for each channel (Car Dealers, Hospitals, Banks, Financial) we will pick the custom URL URL for each. Please let me know when you're ready for the next step. If you have questions, please call. daniel prins (612) 353-6484 PS For your project we are picking pertinent elements from my overall approach to eMarketing. This will offer you a framework of how things fit together. See  

Car Dealers, Affiliate Link To Landing Page, Custom URL

Hospitals Clinics, Affiliate Link To Landing Page, Custom URL

Banks Credit Unions, Affiliate Link To Landing Page, Custom URL

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