Zhang Case Study

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Zhang Case Study by Mind Map: Zhang Case Study

1. Identification of Issue

1.1. Intellectual Exceptionality Mild Intellectual Disability (MID.)

1.2. Struggling with oral comprehension

1.3. Not reading on grade level

2. Recognition of Strengths

2.1. Attentive during class

2.2. Friendly

2.3. Collaborates well with peers

3. Assistive Technology

3.1. Kurzweil 3000 (Text to Speech software)

3.2. Variable Speed Tape Reorder

3.3. FM Listening System

3.4. Reading Pen

3.5. Digital Talking Books

4. Recommendations For Differentiation

4.1. Constant check for understanding

4.2. Chunking lessons

4.3. Differentiated texts

4.4. Group projects and assignments

4.5. Short study breaks