Problem Solving with the "Drill Down" Method

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Problem Solving with the "Drill Down" Method by Mind Map: Problem Solving with the "Drill Down" Method

1. Ergonomics

1.1. Designing a chair using the ENGAGE model of ID

1.2. Design of what the chair is supposed to look like such as color, legs, headrest, armrest or swivel

1.3. Be mindful for color

1.3.1. Allow users to curtail their own color schemes

1.4. Explain the rules

1.5. Make it easy for user to follow

1.5.1. navigation between screens should follow a flow chart

1.5.2. application should support novice and experienced users, shortcuts and advance functionality should be available

1.6. Use interface elements correctly and never alter command buttons to perform unexpected functions

1.6.1. Alignment of data, left justified

2. Construction

2.1. Using software to design a chair

2.1.1. Sketchup

2.2. Blended, project based

2.2.1. Creative

2.2.2. Make it easy to understand

3. Aesthetics

3.1. Visual & product design

3.1.1. How do I this?

3.1.2. Why do I need to do this?

3.2. Revealing unity within content sequence and allowing it to flow

3.3. providing memorable closure to learning experiences

3.4. Providing sensory impact of the tutorial to make it easier to understand

3.4.1. Training slides must be visually appealing May be able to increase motivation by influencing students emotions