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Tammy 50K by Mind Map: Tammy 50K

1. Get Referrals

2. Expand to more than contractors

3. Stop doing too much service work

4. Time Management

5. Network


7. Time for Action

8. New Target Markets

8.1. Manufacturing/high tech

8.2. use WC xdate leads from Steve

8.3. target BIGGER Accounts

8.4. Captives Contact Captive Resources

9. Service Work

9.1. Give more to CSR

9.2. Service hand off with client/CSR

9.3. Bring CSR to meet clients

10. Time Management

10.1. Assign 2 mornings NBIZ only

10.2. Block off times on Calendar

10.3. Do follow ups every day

11. Networking

11.1. Participate in NAWIC meetings

11.2. Community Service

12. Ask for referrals

12.1. Just ask

12.2. Bring Cert List to Renewal Deliveries