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MADSoW by Mind Map: MADSoW
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Methodology to Assist Development of Systems On the Web

Business Focus


"Business Plan", Financing, Cash-flow?, Risk Matrix, Risk Item, Likelihood, Impact/Severity, Mitigation Strategy


"Vision Statement"

"Marketing Plan"

Marketing Website


Name ownership/ registration

Non-disclosure agreements? (Oasis core)

Partnership contracts (accountants)

"User Functional Requirements"


Technical Focus

Everything below here is content for "Technical Issues/Constraints/Requirements" Documentation, unless covered by a more specific Document below this point.

Project Management

(This section is part of the OPMMM, not the OUP)

Project Management Method, This Mindmeister Map, Standards for mindmap usage, Icons = person responsible etc etc?, Colour = category of item, "Project Deliverable/Artifact - Document", Physical Repository, Software system, Size = Importance/urgency?, Style = ?? current focus?, Notes = exactly that: notes/definition/etc mate!!, Attachments: cool but needs Mindmeister Premium, Links, Topic links, URl links, ... to own deliverables, ... to any additional information, Oasis blog posts etc.

System Development Method, "Development Case"

Quality, "Quality Plan", Versioning, Version Control Method, Enhancements/Feedback/Bug tracking

"System Development Plan"

Development Tools and Language(s), Collaboration, System Modelling, IDE & Language(s?), Version Control

Platform and related technologies, Front-end, 'Desktop' PC, Smartmobile, Back-end, Standalone configuration, Remote desktop configuration?, Smartmobile addon?, Data storage interface(s), postgresql?, desktop-lite datastore?, (driver)

Artifact naming standards

Project Repositories/Websites

Own machines, plus shared, hosted site(s)?

Artifact Repositories, Sub-repositories?, Software repository, Support artifact repository, CMS, Documents, Issue Tracking System, Version control system

Standards Repository

People Focus

Who is involved








Development, Minimum skill-set


Oasis core

Formation, composition, roles (in terms of the chosen dev method), legal and finanancial aspects of the "Core Team"