Open Accounting Software Information System

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MADSoW by Mind Map: MADSoW

1. Business Focus

1.1. Planning

1.1.1. "Business Plan" Financing Cash-flow? Risk Matrix Risk Item Likelihood Impact/Severity Mitigation Strategy

1.2. Marketing

1.2.1. "Vision Statement"

1.2.2. "Marketing Plan"

1.2.3. Marketing Website

1.3. Legal

1.3.1. Name ownership/ registration

1.3.2. Non-disclosure agreements? (Oasis core)

1.3.3. Partnership contracts (accountants)

1.4. "User Functional Requirements"

1.4.1. Use-cases

2. Technical Focus

2.1. Project Management

2.1.1. Project Management Method This Mindmeister Map Standards for mindmap usage Oasis blog posts etc.

2.1.2. System Development Method "Development Case"

2.1.3. Quality "Quality Plan" Versioning Enhancements/Feedback/Bug tracking

2.2. "System Development Plan"

2.2.1. Development Tools and Language(s) Collaboration System Modelling IDE & Language(s?) Version Control

2.2.2. Platform and related technologies Front-end 'Desktop' PC Smartmobile Back-end Standalone configuration Remote desktop configuration? Smartmobile addon? Data storage interface(s) (driver)

2.2.3. Artifact naming standards

2.3. Project Repositories/Websites

2.3.1. Artifact Repositories Sub-repositories? Software repository Support artifact repository Issue Tracking System Version control system

2.3.2. Standards Repository

3. People Focus

3.1. Partners

3.2. Customers

3.2.1. Prospecting

3.2.2. Distribution

3.2.3. Feedback

3.2.4. Sales

3.3. Contributors

3.3.1. Development Minimum skill-set

3.3.2. Testers

3.4. Oasis core