Open, Online Classes to Prepare Faculty to Teach Online

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Open, Online Classes to Prepare Faculty to Teach Online by Mind Map: Open, Online Classes to Prepare Faculty to Teach Online

1. communities of practice among faculty

1.1. Laurillard: The Teacher as Action Researcher: using technology to capture pedigogic form (2008)

1.2. "online faculty community of practice"

1.3. Bond and Macedo: Building an eLearning Faculty Community of Practice (2010)

2. open, online classes

2.1. "open online course"

2.2. "open online class"

2.2.1. Diego Leal: Repositori institucional: Open online courses in Colombia : report of an educational and technological experiment (2010)

2.3. "MOOC"

3. "open education"

3.1. "personal learning networks"

3.2. "personal learning environments"

3.2.1. Couros: Developing PLNs for open and social learning (2010)

3.2.2. Wheeler: 2.0 Tools to Create Collaborative and Reflective Learning Spaces (2009)

3.3. "emergent learning"

3.3.1. Roy Williams, Regina Karousou, Jenny Mackness: Emergent learning and learning ecologies in Web 2.0 (2011) must combine planned with emergent learning

3.4. Fini et al, IntroOpenEd 2007: An experience on open education by a virtual community of teachers

3.5. open learning networks

3.5.1. Mott & Wiley: Open for Learning: The CMS and the Open Learning Network (2009)

4. Preparing faculty to teach online

5. Professional development for online instructors

5.1. "online professional development faculty"

5.2. "open online class faculty development"

5.3. Lu, Todd & Miller: Creating a Supportive Culture for Online Teaching: A Case Study of a Faculty Learning Community (2011)

5.4. online, but no community

5.4.1. AJET 25(5) Bell and Morris (2009) - Engaging professional learning in online environments

5.5. not open, but online

5.5.1. MacDonald & Poniatowska: Designing the professional development of staff for teaching online: an OU (UK) case study (2011)

5.5.2. Teaching Online Certification Course for New Faculty (U of Maryland Univ College)

5.5.3. Shattuck et al: MarylandOnline’s Inter-Institutional Project to Train Higher Education Adjunct Faculty to Teach Online (2011) IRRODL

5.6. not 100% online

5.6.1. Kidney: When the Cows Come Home: A Proven Path of Professional Development for Faculty Pursuing E-Learning (2004)

5.6.2. MacDonald and Campbell: Activity design in online professional development for university staff (2010)

5.6.3. Eib & Miller: Faculty Development as Community Building (2006)

5.6.4. New node

5.7. presumed needs

5.7.1. Taylor, A. and McQuiggan, C. Faculty Development Programming: If We Build It, Will They Come? (2008)

6. mentoring model

6.1. "mentoring college faculty online"

6.2. "mentoring online faculty"

6.2.1. Invest In The Success Of Online Programs At The University? Mentor Professors more like peer eval, 1-to-1

7. theory

7.1. "connectivism"

7.1.1. Siemens, G. (2004). Connectivism: A learning theory for the digital age.

7.2. "social learning theory"

8. danger if current trajectory is followed

8.1. Wright: From ivory tower to academic sweatshop - (2005)