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Narratives by Mind Map: Narratives

1. Structure

1.1. Non Linear Structure

1.2. Multiple narrative structure

1.3. Circular narratives

1.4. Traditional structure

2. Character

2.1. Physical description

2.2. How the character acts

2.2.1. Protagonist

2.2.2. Antagonist

2.3. How others react to the character

3. Plot

3.1. Exposition/Intorduction

3.2. Rising Action

3.3. Climax

3.4. Resolution

4. Setting

4.1. Place

4.2. Time

4.3. Helps understand the characters

4.4. Create problems for characters

5. Symbolism

5.1. Visual

5.1.1. Complex ideas through imagery

5.1.2. Animation Visual styles as Narrative devices Abstract and non-narrative Using narratives to attract people in animation

5.2. Verbal

5.2.1. Metaphors and similes

6. Narratives using Music/Audio

6.1. Music

6.1.1. Songs that tell a story Bob Dylan Tom Waits Neil Young Johnny Cash Concept Albums Pink Floyd - The Wall The Who - Tommy Music in storytelling

6.2. Film

6.2.1. Score Silent Film How music in film can alter the viewers perception Techniques Investigation A background Classical Music in Film Examples Lord Of The Rings Breakdown

6.3. Musivisual

6.3.1. Musical Codes Melody Rhythm Harmony Sound Texture Form Accompany the viewers emotional response

6.3.2. SYNC Viewer decodes the message

6.3.3. Film Codes Technical Music Camera Work Framing Lighting Symbolic Noise Talks Image Colours Conventions Genres contain a set of conventions

7. Cross Media/Transmedia Storytelling

7.1. Multimedia Storytelling

7.1.1. Facebook

7.1.2. Twitter

7.1.3. Youtube

7.1.4. Books

7.1.5. Websites

7.1.6. Mobile Phones Eagle Eye

7.2. Articles

7.2.1. Extended Reality

7.2.2. Audiences are key