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Production by Mind Map: Production

1. Brainstorm ideas with your team

2. Consult with experts

2.1. web developer

2.2. financial

2.3. health experts

2.4. marketing man

3. Pre-study / Research market potential

4. Design a business logo / trademark

5. Write a business plan

5.1. Company description

5.2. Mission / Goal / Vision

5.3. Products & Services

5.3.1. Design the application

5.3.2. Write product description

5.4. Market research

5.5. Marketing plan

5.5.1. SWOT analysis

5.5.2. Competitive analysis

5.5.3. Advertising plan / ideas

5.6. Operational plan

5.6.1. Head quarter Survey for rent the place that convenient for customers such as parking. Fundraising Brainstorm planning with team Decorate fitness center Purchase furnitures Begin purchasing fitness equipments. Provide fitness designer for desige fitness equipments pattren. Provide employee

5.6.2. Application Provide a developer application Find out what your apps look like in the marketplace, such as what the unique features of apps are. Check what features, graphics, sounds, functions, and features are there? Find target group who will buy the Apps or who the company wants to sell apps teenagers and working Elderly Set the download price that is considered the most effective in selling. Test using Summary of marketing plans for app Distributed to the market.

6. Do market survey

6.1. Draft questionnaire

6.2. Try-out the questionnaire

6.3. Collect the data

6.4. Analyze the data

6.5. Write up results