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Learning by Mind Map: Learning

1. Classical Conditioning

1.1. Ivan Pavlov- Dogs experiment

1.2. Unconditioned response: Salivation

1.3. Unconditioned stimulus: Food

1.4. Conditioned Stimulus: ringing the bell

1.5. Conditioned response: salivation

2. Acquistion: the initial phase of learning something.

2.1. things that influence the strength

2.2. Frequency Pairings

2.3. Timing

2.4. intensity of uncontrolled substance

3. Extinction: The process by which the association between the unconditioned stimulus and conditioned stimulus is broken

4. law of effect: consequences of a behavior increase or decrease the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated

5. operant behavior: a form of learning in which responses can be altered by consequences

6. discriminative stimulus: indicates that reinforcement is available if a desirable behavior is performed

7. latent learning: learning that occurs without apparent reinforcement and is not displayed until reinforcement is provided

8. Reinforcement: any internal or external event that increases the frequency of a behavior.

8.1. Primary: Not learned, innate and satisfy biological needs, food, water, and sex

8.2. Secondary: learned by association, money, grades, or approval

8.3. Positive Punishment: adding reward

8.4. Example: money for good grades

8.5. Negative punishment: removing an unpleasant stimulant

8.6. Example:doing dishes to avoid nagging

9. Punishment: decreases frequency of an act

9.1. Positive Punishment: adding an unpleasant stimulus

9.2. example: yelling at your child

9.3. Negative Punishment: taking away a desired stimulus

9.4. Example: taking away car keys