Active Citizenship

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Active Citizenship by Mind Map: Active Citizenship

1. Why we need it? ~ Basically what has been happening

1.1. Healthcare negligence

1.2. Jobs that pays people minimum wage yet the rich gets richer

1.3. Poverty

1.4. High cost of education

1.5. Teachers get low pay

1.6. College debt

1.7. Road conditions

1.8. Anti-Muslim, Anti-semitic and anti-LGBTQ hate crimes.

1.9. Effects on people due to poverty

2. How to become active

2.1. Pro of becoming an active citizen

2.1.1. Why citizenship is beyond patriotism

2.2. Voting

2.3. Educating people on what is happening

2.4. Why votes count

2.5. support each other with the least we can

3. My experience

3.1. Healthcare benefits

3.1.1. In the contemporary society of USA Not Healthcare but a business

3.1.2. Experience in Bangladesh

3.2. Different faces of poverty I have seen

3.2.1. Volunteering experience both here and there

4. Why doesn't people go to vote

4.1. Absentee vote

4.2. Homeless voters

5. Examples of people who stood up for people's right

5.1. Nelson Mandela

5.2. Obama

5.3. Ai Wei Wei

6. What to do to bring changes and also help people around us:

6.1. Locally

6.1.1. School

6.1.2. Community

6.2. State-wide