Martech Non-Obvious

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Martech Non-Obvious by Mind Map: Martech Non-Obvious

1. Why Most Trend Predictions Are Useless -No Objective -No INSIGHT -No Proof -No Application

2. The 5 Habits of Trend Curators -Be Curious -Be Observant -Be Fickle -Be Thoughtful -Be Elegant

3. The 5 Myths of Trend Spotting -Trends Are Spotted -Trends Are Predicted by Industry Experts -Trends Are Based on “Hard” Data -Trends only last for a short time

4. Haystack Method -Gathering -Aggregating -Elevating -Naming -Proving

5. 3 Elementos of a trend -Idea -Acceleration -Impact

6. Culture and Consumer Behavior

7. 1.Truthing -bad media -UGT -Fake news -Streaming

8. 2.Ungendered -No discrimination -M, W and X

9. 3.Enlightened Consumption -Informed Consumer -B2B -Conscious Investment -Employees

10. Marketing and Social media

11. 4.Overtargeting -Big Data -Hyper-targeted -B2Beyond -Demographics -Remap

12. Brand Stand -Values -Brandless -preactivism -Credible Position.

13. -Relevance -Timeliness -Proactivity -Meaning -Commitment

14. Blackstorytelling -Mision and reason -Starsup -Humanize

15. Media and Education

16. Manipulated Outrage -Media -True or False -Injustices Engaged the manipulator

17. Light-Speed Learning -Internet -Youtube -Micro-leraning -Macro-Learning -Minimum Viable Knowlodge -Skimming

18. Virtual Empathy -Foreign Helping -VR, AR and HR - Social Media

19. Technology and Design

20. Human Mode -Actual Human -Robots Automation -Human Touch

21. Data Pollution -Manipulated Data -Data collection -Data Overflows -Fake Information

22. Predictive Protection -Safety -Anticipating -AI -White Hat(Hackers) -Robotherapy, Drones -Protect the customer

23. Economics and Entrepreneurship

24. Approachable Luxury -Unforgettable -Experience -travel(Smart Luxury) -Gourmet -Unique

25. Touchworthy -Sense of calm -Humanity -No digital -Real Word Experiences

26. Disruptive Distribution -direct connections with custumer -E-commerce -Uber-eats -business model

27. 2017 Trends -Fierce Femininity -Side Quirks -Desperate Detox -Passive Loyalty -Authentic Fameseekers -Lovable Unperfection -Preserved the past -Deep Diving -Precious Print -Invisible Technology -Robot Renaissance -Self-aware data -Moonshot Entrepreneurship -Outrageous Outsiders -Mainstream Mindfulness