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1.1. Food & Beverage

1.1.1. Fresh Dairy & General Dairy Fresh Milk & Cream, Shakes Yoghurts: Fresh, Long Life & Plant Based Cheese, Feta & Fresh (Quark, Fromage Frais) Cheeses, liquid part (before vats and coproducts) Desserts, Fresh & Long Life Puddings Ice Cream, Preparation & Pasteurization General Dairy Processing Milk & Whey Powders, including dry and wet part Ingredients, MPC, Lactose, including dry and wet part Infant formula, including dry and wet part

1.1.2. Nutritional Beverage & Dairy Long Life Aseptic Dairy Milk Dairy Milk ESL & Cream ESL Dairy Milk, Condensed, Sweetened Condensed & Evaporated Baby Nutritional Liquid Milks & Blends Soya Extraction & Liquid Processing Sports & Nutritional Beverages Grain, Nut & Plant Liquid Processing Grain, Nut & Plant Extraction

1.1.3. Beverage Non Carbonated Beverages (Iced Tea & Sugared) Carbonated Beverages General Beverage Processing Brewery & Cider Wine & Spirits Coffee & Tea Brewery Yeast

1.1.4. Fats & Oils Butter, Spreads Butter Oil, AMF (Anhydrous Milk Fat) Margarine & Shortening Mayonaise General Processing, Fats, Oils & Liquid Foods

1.1.5. Processed Foods Soups, Sauces & Sugar Paste Baby Food, Non Dairy Gelatins & Proteins, Animal & Plant Based Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Desserts, Non-Dairy Eggs Honey Ready Meals, Liquid Flavors & Fragrances Animal Based Proteins Plant Based Proteins Food Ingredients Carbohydrates Plates Evaporated Concentrates Bread, Biscuits & Confectionary Meat & Fish Chocolate, Sugar & Pasta

1.1.6. Personal Care Cosmetics - UHT General Processing - Healthcare & Cosmetics Meat & Fish Chocolate, Sugar & Pasta

1.1.7. Pharmaceutical General Pharmaceutical Processing Biotechnologies

1.1.8. Other

1.2. Power & Energy

1.2.1. Oil & Gas Upstream Oil Sub Sea Extraction Midstream Oil Tank's & Terminal Storage Pipeline Transmission Downstream Oil Crude Oil Production/Refining Gas Processing Gas-to-Liquids LNG Production Natural Gas Production Oil Sands Production Petroleum Refining Chemical Processing / Petrochemicals

1.2.2. Power Coal Power Plant Natural Gas Power Plant Hydro Electric Nuclear Power Solar Wind Biomass

1.3. Industrial

1.3.1. Mining & Minerals Bulk Metals & Minerals Terminals Cement Plants Glass Plants Gold Mining Lithium Mining Copper Mining Steel Mills

1.3.2. Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Final Formulation In Vitro & In Vivo Diagnostics Mft. Ingredients

1.3.3. Global Manufacturing Heavy Manufacturing Medical Applications Fabricated Metal Products Air & Gas Treatment Fluid Power Infrastructure Horticulture HVAC

1.3.4. Water & Wastewater Water Transmission Desalination Waste Water Management Marine/Saltwater

1.3.5. Construction Heavy Construction Bridge Civil

1.3.6. Shipbuilding

1.3.7. Rail Systems Infrastructure Maintenance of Way

1.3.8. Mobile Hydraulics

2. Customer Journey Workshop (

2.1. Process applications

2.1.1. Flow Control

2.1.2. Process Solutions

2.1.3. Air Handling

2.1.4. High Force Tools & Equipment

2.2. Web Interactions

2.2.1. Buyer / Procurement

2.2.2. End User

2.2.3. Scientist/engineer

2.2.4. Channel partner

3. Product Lines (Aggressively Invest to Grow)

3.1. F&B Pumps

3.2. F&B Valves

3.3. Mixers

3.4. Hydraulics

3.5. Dehydration

3.6. Ind. Pumps

3.7. (ALL) Parts & Service - Aftermarket

4. End Market Bubble Key

4.1. Where we can grow Tomorrow

4.2. Where we play Today

5. Categories

5.1. Flow Control

5.2. Process Solutions

5.3. Air Treatment

5.4. High Force Tools & Equipment

6. Competitor Websites