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AppartmentApp by Mind Map: AppartmentApp

1. Workflow

1.1. New User

1.1.1. Fill Form Appartment registeration - Send confirmation by e-mail, call or mobile app will show the status of appartment registration. User Registeration ( Mobile and OTP based authentication and registration )

1.2. Registration as seller

1.2.1. Fill form and upload documents

1.3. Existing user

1.3.1. All Categories of product which is applicable Chat with Seller Back to last screen Product Listing in selected locality( Same as above ) Search option

1.3.2. Add to cart Back to Product details page Checkout

1.3.3. Product Listing in selected apartment and category Product details Back to Product Listing Checkout Payment details as per payment method Share this product Back to last screen Add quantity Back to last screen Add delivery time back to last screen

1.3.4. Seller Option Registered Product Listing Add discount Modify the product Confirm orders with time and delivery/payment method Dashboard New seller