Generic Structure of Narrative

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Generic Structure of Narrative by Mind Map: Generic Structure of Narrative

1. Definition

1.1. A text that has function to amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or vicarious experience in different ways; Narrative deal with problematic events which lead to a crisis or turning points of some kind, which in turn fields a resolution.

2. Generic Structure

2.1. Orientation

2.1.1. Gives the reader information about who was involved, what happened, where it happened and when it occured.

2.2. Complication

2.2.1. Shows the beginning of conflict in the story

2.3. Resolution

2.3.1. Where the problems of the story is solved / Gives the solution to the conflict

2.4. Coda/ Re-orientation (optinal)

2.4.1. Tells how the characters have changed and exactly what they learnt from the experience. Or the moral message of the story/ Lesson from the story

3. Significant Lexico grammatical Features:

3.1. #The use of action verb in past tense form

3.1.1. Walked, swept, etc.

3.2. #The use of adverb of time

3.2.1. once upon the time, one day

3.3. #The use of time conjunction

3.3.1. When, then, suddenly

3.4. #The use of specific character

3.4.1. Aurora, Bella, Ande-ande Lumut, etc.

3.5. #The use of action verb

3.5.1. verb that shows an action : run, write, cook, etc

3.6. #The use of direct speech

3.6.1. It is to make the story lively: Snow White said "My name is Snow White".