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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Mom

1.1. School District Dispatcher: She could let me come to her office and see what she does and talk to other people with different jobs. She could also put me into contact with teacher librarians within the district.

2. Brother Jordan

2.1. Night Manager at Safeway: As a starter job he could suggest me to the other managers.

3. Best friend Kenzie

3.1. Works at convenience store: She could give me a reference or suggest me to her manager.

4. Aunt Ashley

4.1. Translates legal documents and books: I am interested in a similar area so she could give me some tips and people to talk to.

5. Aunt Judi

5.1. Justice of The Peace: I'm interested in law and my Aunt Judi also knows a lot of people with different careers that I could talk to.

6. Coach Bruce

6.1. Gymnastics Coach and Gym Owner: If I asked he may offer me a job as an assistant coach at one of his gymnastics gyms.

7. Mrs. Godkin

7.1. Retired Teacher Librarian: She used to do all the book ordering for the school and was a part of the district for many years. She could tell me about her job and if she knows anyone who could help me within the field I want to work in.

8. Visiting Author

8.1. If an author were to come to town for a book signing or to talk about there books I could ask them about how they got where they are and how to get published.

9. Professor in College

9.1. Later on when I go to college I can ask my professors if they know anyone within the field I want to work in that could help me.

10. Hairdresser Amanda

10.1. She meets lots of people everyday she may be able to put me in contact with someone with a career i'm interested in.