Hold the Sprinkles

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Hold the Sprinkles by Mind Map: Hold the Sprinkles

1. Summarize and organize

1.1. don't get caught designing something

1.2. summarize the user goal

1.2.1. what are they trying to accomplish?

1.2.2. what steps do they need to take?

1.2.3. What are supporting tasks?

1.3. what are the functional chunks?

1.3.1. mac and cheese has steps people go through to get their workflow done

1.3.2. think of all kinds of things a user may want to do to accomplish their goal

1.4. organize the functional chunks

1.4.1. who is this for?

1.4.2. what is their goal?

1.4.3. what are they trying to accomplish?

1.4.4. how does it fit into the workflow?

2. work out the workflow

2.1. i'm a perfectionist. I wind up forgetting important things because I'm too focused

3. design in layers

3.1. had to make cupcakes for mary

3.2. wanted to make the perfect cupcake

3.3. If we design all the way to the sprinkles, we run out of time and money

3.4. We make 1 perfect cupcake, and forget the rest :(

3.5. get something out first and iterate upon it

3.6. often we don't get to sprinkles because the sprinkles often don't matter

4. Some examples

4.1. logging in

4.1.1. start with username, password, and log in screen

4.1.2. facebook/google/twitter login?

4.1.3. added remember me so you don't have to do it over and over again

4.1.4. forgot my password (frosting or sprinkles?)

4.2. assigning admin

4.2.1. cheapest thing was putting in a name and making it admin

4.2.2. frosting: search

4.2.3. frosting: have a list of all

4.3. creating users

4.3.1. cake was have an import file and tell an error if there is an eror

4.3.2. frosting may be line by line

4.3.3. fix on the fly

5. Love the cake!

6. Frost with care!

6.1. won't turn down plain cake

6.2. but it'd be way nicer with frosting

7. Hold the sprinkles!

8. By Carissa Demetris

8.1. http://www.circleddesign.com