History revision

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History revision by Mind Map: History revision

1. British empire

1.1. colonies that were colonies

1.1.1. parts of india, N.America, West Indies, Aanada and Australia

1.2. resources that were taken from colonies

1.2.1. cotton, tobacco, rum, sugar,

1.3. force for good?

1.3.1. good built schools, hospitals, houses and roads in countries wiped out famine in india

1.3.2. bad mass racism not allowing black people to vote, saying they should be treated like children

2. Slavery

2.1. resistance

2.1.1. poisoning masters

2.1.2. arson

2.1.3. rebelling and taking weapons to fight

2.1.4. pretending to be insane

2.2. triangular trade

2.2.1. guns, pots, cloth, beads and gunpowder for slaves

2.2.2. slaves taken from Africa to W. indies to grow tobacco, cotton and sugar

2.3. life as a slave

2.3.1. 6 to 12 weeks

2.3.2. 400 slaves crammed in

2.3.3. 1.5 metres between decks, 1.8 x 0.4 metres to lie down

2.3.4. temperatures up to 35 degrees C

2.3.5. 10 million on journey, 2 million died

2.4. the middle passage

2.4.1. went from Europe to Africa to N.America