Big 6 Research Skills

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Big 6 Research Skills by Mind Map: Big 6 Research Skills

1. What is the Big6?

1.1. The Big6 Research Model for Middle School Students

2. Step 1: Task Definition

2.1. Define the information problem? What are you researching?

3. Step 2: Information Seeking Strategy

3.1. Determine all the possible sources and select the best sources.

4. Step 3: Location and Access

4.1. Locate the sources and find the information within the sources

5. Step 4: Use of Information

5.1. Engage in the Information and Extract relevant information

6. Step 5: Syntheis

6.1. Organize from multiple sources and present the information.

7. Step 6: Evaluation

7.1. Judge the product and the process (Was it effective and efficient)