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TEDxRotterdam2011 Marijn Berk by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011
Marijn Berk
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TEDxRotterdam2011 Marijn Berk

Leading entrepreneur

Profile on TEDxRotterdam site


stationary > mobile

wired > wireless

stationary > mobile

dark places at night

500 mi have mobile

western world

slow transition

devopping world

jump right on to mobile

no gradual change has impact

how can you charge mobile phones with out power grid

nowadays, the travell to a city and let it charge

better, solor energy, you can always take with you, contact efficient mattter, it just works, areas without electricity, have the most sun

wired > wireless

wireless devices have been arounf for a long time

nothing was truly wireless

wireless deviced need charging

battery / accu

Dye-sensitized solar cell

self charging keyboard


how does it work

sort of like the eye, doenst like darkness, doenst like high light levels, like ambient light

main trends

1. 10 times more powerfull over years

2 devices need less energy

combine trends

self powered keyboard

in 5 years, self powered mobile phones

10-20 years, self powerd computers

need need for power outlets

a different system emergy, more freedom


how is your genereation idfferent?

more dynamic, web etc

used to change

change quickly

New node

money came from US

people in europe are more risk averse