Dan Zehner

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Dan Zehner by Mind Map: Dan Zehner

1. Body

1.1. Subelements

1.1.1. Healthy Weight BMI Waist Weight: 189 Chemistry Cholesterol: 164 Hemoglobin: 5.5 Hematocrit:47.7 White Blood Cells: 5.1 Platelets: 260 Vitamin D: 23L Blood Sugar: 88 Vital Signs Blood Pressure Temperature Respirations

1.1.2. Energetic Sleep Diet

1.1.3. Fit Aerobic Endurance 500 Meter Swim 1.5 Mile Run Balance Static Dynamic Strength Pushups X-2 Minutes Pull-ups Curl-ups Planking Flexibility

1.2. Practices

1.2.1. You Running Hiking Strength SEAL PT test, monthly Biking Swimming Bedtime Routine Meditation (Examen) Doug Fir Tea+Honey+Apple Cider Vinegar Read/listen to fiction Medication Diet Nutrition Supplements Ruck workouts during the day

1.2.2. Spouse Yoga Walking Running Exercise videos

1.2.3. Kids

2. Family

2.1. Subelements

2.1.1. Tracy

2.1.2. Alex

2.1.3. Jane

2.1.4. Childrens' relationships Boy/girl friends Engagements Spouse

2.1.5. Mary Zehner Long term care Retirement Assisted living Legal Wills Trusts Powers of attorney

2.1.6. Steve Zehner Long term care Retirement Assisted living Legal Wills Trusts Powers of attorney

2.1.7. Lety Legal Wills Trusts Powers of attorney

2.1.8. Rowena & Ephraim

2.1.9. Laura

2.2. Practices

2.2.1. Dinners

2.2.2. Trips

2.2.3. Wills & Trusts Reviews

2.2.4. Phone Calls

2.2.5. Weekly Date Kids Tracy

2.2.6. Daily fun with Tracy

2.2.7. T.E.A.M meeting with Tracy

3. Career

3.1. Subelements

3.1.1. Passion

3.1.2. Purpose

3.1.3. Financially adequate

3.1.4. Travel

3.1.5. Time required

3.2. Practices

3.2.1. Study Strategic job knowledge Fundamental business knowledge Philosophy Coaching Listening Presentation story development Legacy for men

3.2.2. Dominant calendar

3.2.3. Collaborate with team members

3.2.4. Write Quarterly reports Annual reports

3.2.5. Develop Scheduling tool Processes/protocols

4. Gear and Tech

4.1. Legacy and memories

4.1.1. Family website

4.1.2. Photo/video storage

4.2. Subelements

4.2.1. Vehicles

4.2.2. Computing

4.2.3. Photo management & storage

4.2.4. Password Management

4.2.5. Weapons Protection Hunting Fishing

4.2.6. Camping

4.2.7. EDC

4.3. Practices

4.3.1. Review and update

4.3.2. Maintain

4.3.3. Modify

5. Spirituality

5.1. Subelements

5.1.1. Church

5.1.2. Independent Study

5.1.3. Group Study

5.1.4. Prayer Individual Family

5.1.5. Family core values

5.1.6. Personality

5.1.7. Purpose Self doubt Perfectionist Pushover Fixed mindset

5.2. Practices

5.2.1. Going to Church

5.2.2. Praying

5.2.3. Meditation

5.2.4. Be in the Word of God

5.2.5. Discipleship

6. Safety and Protection

6.1. Subelements

6.1.1. Home security Weapons Security system Overt cameras Covert cameras Fire alarm CO Emergency plan

6.1.2. Personal security Weapons Lethal Non-lethal Martial arts Situational awareness

6.1.3. Survival Everyday carry Bug out bag

6.2. Practices

6.2.1. Weapons training

6.2.2. Personal protection training

6.2.3. Situational awareness training Surveillance Counter Surveillance

6.2.4. Survival training

6.2.5. Rehearse emergency plan

7. My Team

7.1. Subelements

7.1.1. Professional

7.1.2. Friends Shared Values Shared Financial Ambitions Shared Interests Shared Schedules

7.1.3. Medical General Practitioner Specialist

7.1.4. Financial Insurance Property and Casualty Medical Life Disability Investments/Savings

7.1.5. Utility Mechanic Custom Dyno/ West Lafayette Mechanic Gilliland Motors Walter's Imports Plumber Godlove Electrician Mariano's friend Handy Man Mariano IT Howard

7.1.6. Spiritual Church Church groups Spiritual minded friends Shockey John Williams Anne Yatch Jon Schirm Pauly Joe Bailey Philia Group

7.1.7. Education Career Foundry Grounds SealedMindset Leaders Purdue Lynda Courses Purdue Training TPC Life SealedMindset Leaders Ian Hawkins Eric Davis Dad Edge Larry Yatch Anne Yatch Ann Ryan

7.1.8. Security Personal Home defense Identity

7.1.9. Family/Marriage Counselor Wellspring Center – Practical, Professional Christian Counseling

7.1.10. Fatherhood

7.2. Practices

7.2.1. Game night

7.2.2. Church Sunday

7.2.3. Interviewing New People at time of need

7.2.4. Discipleship group Share my map Share your map Talk about each other's map

7.2.5. D & D group, weekly

8. Money

8.1. Subelements

8.1.1. Protection Life insurance Disability insurance Auto and home insurance Umbrella insurance Legal Wills Trusts Powers of Attorney

8.1.2. Sufficiency How much is enough? Savings Promised Based Assets

8.1.3. Surplus How Much is Enough? Investments Investment Coaching

8.2. Practices

8.2.1. Maintain Awareness: How much is enough Sufficiency Surplus

8.2.2. Budgeting

8.2.3. Wealth Account

9. Lifestyle and Recreation

9.1. Subelements

9.1.1. Woodworking

9.1.2. Board games

9.1.3. Hiking

9.1.4. Biking

9.1.5. Camping

9.1.6. Skiing

9.1.7. Rucking

9.1.8. D & D

9.2. Practices

9.2.1. Learning a new skill

9.2.2. Daily outings

9.2.3. Weekend activities

9.2.4. Monthly trips

9.2.5. Races

9.2.6. Photos

9.2.7. Journaling

9.2.8. Writing

10. Mind

10.1. Subelements

10.1.1. Psychology Focus Stress Anxiety Depression

10.1.2. Strategic Career strategy Leadership Family Marriage Parenting

10.1.3. Philosophy Spiritual Bible Apologetics Evangelism Theology Concerns Lifestyle Financial Career

10.1.4. Cultural Fatherly Entrepeneur Mag Art of Manliness Ransomed Heart

10.2. Practices

10.2.1. Joined Discourse

10.2.2. Study Books: 3.5 hr/wk 1/month Online books 5 hr/week Optimize with Brian Johnson | Optimize Blinkist: Serving curious minds. Podcasts: 1 hr/week YouTube: 1 hr/week

11. Helping Others

11.1. Subelements

11.1.1. Local Concerns Cary Camp/Boy Scouts Men of Riverside

11.1.2. World Concerns Men in my life stage Fathers

11.2. Practices

11.2.1. Develop and maintain a list of Strategic Partners

11.2.2. Develop and maintain a list of donors and volunteers

11.2.3. Work on tools for Dad Edge Alliance

11.2.4. Lean into Dad Edge groups

11.2.5. Produce podcast for men in my life stage

11.2.6. Coaching men in my life stage

12. Instructions

12.1. IAPE

12.1.1. Identify

12.1.2. Assessments Phase 1 Read Narrative Add/Subtract/Modify (caution) Make Assessment Phase 2 Assess Subelements Add/Subtract/Modify (Go for it) Update overall assessment

12.1.3. Prioritize NOW: Effort and Attention NEXT: Effort and Attention LATER: Effort and Attention Average vs. Surplus

12.1.4. Execute Identify Practices Schedule Practices Re-Prioritize Repeat

13. Life DES: I will hold the obligation to have a life of clarity and purpose…

14. to create an environment where I feel powerful, fulfilled, peaceful, and joyful to give intentionally to new causes, create epic experiences for my family, and inspire others to lead purposeful lives because I have the ability to transcend obstacles enabling my family legacy to expand.

15. And…

16. to avoid an environment where I feel worthless, empty, and broken so that I don't sink into addictions, negative thought spirals, or suicidal thoughts because I have wasted my life due to being disconnected from my family, losing our traditions, and losing our faith foundation.