Transfer of drugs through biological membrane

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Transfer of drugs through biological membrane by Mind Map: Transfer of drugs through biological membrane

1. Drug resistance

1.1. Loss of drug efficiency

1.2. (Antibiotic and antineoplastic)

2. Drug idiosyncrasy

2.1. Unusual drug response due to hereditary factors

2.2. Such as: enzyme deficiency: (G6-PDH+ Chloroquine)

3. Drug habituations

3.1. It's a chronic type of psychological dependence

3.1.1. A desire (not a compulsion) to continue taking the drugs for the sense of improved wellbeing

3.1.2. Little or no tendency to increase the dose

3.1.3. Some degree of psychic dependence on the effect of the drug, but absence pd physical dependence and hence of an abstinence syndrome

3.1.4. Detrimental effect , if any primarily on the individual

4. Drug addiction

4.1. Special type of drug tolerance with complete dependence on drugs

4.1.1. Overpowering desire or need to continue taking the drug

4.1.2. A tendency to increase the dose

4.1.3. A psychic and generally a physical dependence on the effect of the drugs

4.1.4. Detrimental effect in individual and on society

4.2. Chronic, relapsing brain disease

5. Drug tachyphylaxis

5.1. Similar to (drug tolerance ) But rapid and short-term and occurs in isolated tissues.

5.1.1. Less common but more selective n

5.1.2. Need few minutes to occur

5.1.3. Sudden decreased of tissue response . .

6. Drug tolerance

6.1. Gradual decrease in response due to repetitive administrations of the drugs. To achieve the same effect, the dose should be increased

6.1.1. Occur in organs and systems

6.1.2. Its occurrence is more frequentot common

6.1.3. Gradually developed , need days or weeks to occur . ..... .

7. Drug dependenc

7.1. The body depends on drugs to work normally

7.2. Two type of dependance

7.2.1. Physical

7.2.2. Psychological

8. Drug abuse

8.1. The use of the drugs for non-therapeutic purposes

8.2. It can lead to a serious phenomenon . Such as : Addiction

8.3. Patterns of drug abuse

8.3.1. Trial adventure and curiosity

8.3.2. Social use (coffee and tea drink)

8.3.3. Episodic abuse (alcoholism)

8.3.4. Compulsive abuse (druggist)

8.3.5. Ritual abuse (religious reason)

9. Drug hypersensitivity

9.1. Allergic response due to a drug use

9.2. Symptoms: skin rash , respiratory difficulties or anaphylactic shock even death