Technology in ESL/EFL classrom

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Technology in ESL/EFL classrom by Mind Map: Technology in ESL/EFL classrom

1. School Tube

1.1. Sharing video

1.2. Created by teacher and students.

1.3. Teacher is allowed to create their own channel for sharing their student's work.

1.4. Implications of Technology on Education in the ESL/EFL Classrom

1.4.1. Technology is very important for adapting in education.

1.4.2. Technology is inspired students to grasp English.

1.4.3. Made a priority within education and ESL/EFL classroom.

1.4.4. Students can receive various interesting things. Visual Auditory Kinesthetic

1.5. You can

1.5.1. Resources

1.5.2. Copyright-friendly

1.5.3. Media

1.5.4. Lesson plan for using the video in classroom

2. Next Vista

2.1. By Google Certified Teacher Rushton Hurley.

2.2. Nonprofit

2.3. Has 3 categories

2.3.1. The Light Bulbs

2.3.2. The Global View

2.3.3. The Seeing Service

2.3.4. Advertising-free sharing

3. Academic Earth

3.1. Video depot for individual lecture and entire courses.

3.2. Files from universities in U. S.

3.2.1. MIT

3.2.2. Berkeley

3.2.3. Harvard

3.2.4. Princeton

3.2.5. Stanford

3.3. Yale

4. Teacher Tube

4.1. Generated video for teachers by teachers.

4.2. Teachers sharing lesson plan in action.

4.3. Some video are inspirational.

4.4. Contain educational lessons.

5. Implications for teachers

5.1. Technology is an inevitable for teacher and it is useful tool in teaching classroom.

5.2. Available for

5.2.1. Macs

5.2.2. IPads

5.2.3. Kindles

5.2.4. Computer/laptop

5.2.5. Telephone

5.3. Teachers can use technology to engage, help and motivate their students to love in learning and do the activities as well.

6. How important is it?

6.1. Very important in education

6.2. Technology made a priority and allowed students to receive knowledge.

6.2.1. The visual

6.2.2. The auditory

6.2.3. The kinesthetic

6.3. Adapting in ESL/EFL classroom