Chelsea's Classroom Management

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Chelsea's Classroom Management by Mind Map: Chelsea's Classroom Management

1. This is very important because in order for a student to feel fully motivated they need guidance to their learning. It is important that teachers make their students feel comfortable in their classroom when asking for guidance and help on the material.

2. This is important because in order for a student to feel comfortable in their classrooms teacher's need to be respectful of their needs. For instance, a lot of students struggle with mental health issues including anxiety,depression, and so forth. Teachers need respect their students and understand that they can't be inclusive in every activity.

3. This is important as a teacher because being prepared and having a lot of resources helps the students to learn in a variety of ways. One student might need extra help and it is important for the teacher to be resourceful and to help that student succeed in any way possible.

4. distribute a list of rules that students should oblige by. Although, not all students will follow each rule, you can reward students with candies, bonus marks, and praise. If students continue to dismiss rules, they will get 3 warnings and if they still continue after that their parents will be called to discuss their children's behaviour. Some examples of rules I would use in my classroom would be *Arriving to class on time. *Being respectful of others. *Not using inappropriate language

5. Model ideal behaviour

5.1. I think it is important as a teacher to make a habit of demonstrating behaviour you want to see. For instance *Using polite language *Maintaining eye contact *Keeping phones in your pockets *Letting the students speak uninterrupted *Being respectful

6. Discipline rules

7. Relationships

7.1. As a teacher, it is important to create a classroom environment that helps develop respectful relationships among all of your students. For example, being inclusive to every students needs, and listening to their thoughts and ideas.

8. safe learning environment.

8.1. Teachers need to provide students with a safe and supportive classroom environment. This allows all students to be active in class discussions while also feeling comfortable.

9. Communicating expectations to students

9.1. As a teacher, it is important to let your students know what is expected of them to create an effective learning environment.

10. Being Resourceful

11. Treating The Students Fairly

11.1. This is important to my classroom management because I believe every student should be treated fairly. This because picking favourite students leads to a toxic environment. Every student should be given the same chance to succeed and be treated the same as their fellow students.

12. Being Respectful of the students needs

13. Challenging Students.

13.1. I believe that a student should be challenged. In order for students to gain new skills and be fully comfortable with the material given, they need to be challenged on what they are learning. This creates a good learning environment for the classroom.

14. Giving the students Guidance.