Cephus Wilzard Operating Systems

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Cephus Wilzard Operating Systems by Mind Map: Cephus Wilzard Operating Systems

1. use tinyurl or bit.ly to list your links

2. 1

3. Sources 2011

3.1. http://tinyurl.com/3bmo86d

3.2. http://amzn.to/qjg75j

3.3. http://bit.ly/Z9qkl

3.4. http://bit.ly/oK3SoX

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3.16. http://tinyurl.com/5j4tep

4. Smartphone Operating Systems

4.1. iOS/ iPhone

4.1.1. Pros: It's Smaller Than You Realize and it's Got Style to Spare At a thickness of only 0.46 inches (11.6mm), the iPhone is actually thinner than the Q (at 12mm),

4.1.2. Cons: It Doesn't Ship with an Instant Messenger Program Some analysts have suggested that chat software puts an unnecessary drain on cell phones.

4.2. Android

4.2.1. Pros: 1 2

4.2.2. Cons: 1 2

4.3. Windows 7 Mobile

4.3.1. Pros: 1 2

4.3.2. Cons: 1 2

5. define: Operating System

5.1. An operating system (OS) is a set of programs that manages computer hardware resources, and provides common services for application software.

5.2. It manages the hardware and software resources of the system.

6. PC Operating Systems

6.1. Ubuntu 11.04

6.1.1. Pros: 1 2

6.1.2. Cons: 1 2

6.2. Windows 7

6.2.1. Pros: 1 2

6.2.2. Cons: 1 2

6.3. Mac OS X

6.3.1. Pros: 1 2

6.3.2. Cons: 1 2

7. define: Open Source

8. Tablet Operating Systems

8.1. iOS5

8.1.1. iPad2 Pros: Available on tablets from many manufacturers expected, the iPad 2 is a gentle evolution of the original iPad, sporting a faster processor Cons: Poor Camera Quality One iPad 2 Review states that the back camera was simply second rate; and in fact, the front camera is just a VGA cam

8.2. Android

8.2.1. Pros: Android will overtake th iPhone salse because of the patter shape they have.

8.2.2. Cons: 1 does not have Adobe Flash support for the anddroid

8.3. Windows7

8.3.1. Pros: Same system requirments as vista, and systems have gotten faster in the last two years, so sffectivly the requirments are more achevable. Faster boot time

8.3.2. Cons: Microsoft Security need improvements Control panel has no "classic view"

8.4. Dual Boot

8.4.1. Pros: Having multiple os'es can make troubleshooting easier, Things can go wrong

8.4.2. Cons: Your bootmanager can get screwed up if u multiboot wrong. Things can go wrong

8.5. Kindle Fire

8.5.1. Pros: Amazon of course proposes a hardware extension of its online services: application store, books, movies, music etc Amazon Silk Apple and Amazon do not play in the same court.

8.5.2. Cons: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color reading light is becomes immediately less attractive with its price of 249 dollars … As most reports of usage patterns on tablets have shown people doing lots of media consumption on them it’s clear

9. Netbook Operating Systems

9.1. Chromium

9.1.1. Pros: is an Internet Eraser that protects your Internet privacy. ... Block Popups & Share Favorite Sites Download Today & Find Things Faster toolbar.google.com

9.1.2. Cons: due in no small part to Google's ability to lay claim to the "fastest browser" title, even when it may not be strictly justified Read more: Google Chrome for Mac - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com Based on the open-source WebKit engine and Google's V8 JavaScript engine, Google Chrome debuted to much fanfare because of its rocketing rendering speeds Read more: Google Chrome for Mac - Free software downloads and software reviews -

9.2. Windows7

9.2.1. Pros: 1 2

9.2.2. Cons: 1 2

9.3. Linux

9.3.1. Pros: Most widely supported operating system for games. Large shareware and freeware application library.

9.3.2. Cons: General instability due to the shear number of possible configurations Poor security

9.3.3. MeeGo

10. My devices and my operating systems

11. Gaming

11.1. Playstation

11.1.1. Pros: Better controls for action/racing/fighting games The ability to resell titles

11.1.2. Cons: Some say the icon-style menu is hard to follow People with smaller hands find it a little awkward to grip onto

11.2. XBox

11.2.1. Pros: Sound quality. You can almost hear the bullets fly past you. Screen moves when you do abrupt manuevers like hopping over a ledge or hitting the ground to prone, also when explosion are going off near you.

11.2.2. Cons: Connecting to servers! Hopefully this won't be a big deal when the full version comes out. Sometimes, when you pause then unpause the game, your screen will be stuck blue as in the same screen of the pause menu.

11.3. Wii

11.3.1. Pros: The Wii is a social gaming console, good for fun with family and friends It is a completely different console from the PS3 and Xbox 360

11.3.2. Cons: The Wii's graphic capabilities are less than the Blu-Ray capable PS3 and high definition of XBox 360. Wii's do not play any disc or cartridge other than Wii and GameCube discs Read more: Wii Pros & Cons