Alicia Benson Devices

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Alicia Benson Devices by Mind Map: Alicia Benson Devices

1. Sources 2011

2. PC Operating Systems

2.1. Ubuntu 11.04

2.1.1. Pros: Free Fully customizable Fast boot time Superior media editing

2.1.2. Cons: DVD capacity separate/not included Limited technical/vendor support Possibly daunting for the non-technical

2.2. Windows 7

2.2.1. Pros: Full media center Common Actions Center Excellent control over devices

2.2.2. Cons: Cannot be customized Target for hacking Not all computers capable

2.3. Mac OS X

2.3.1. Pros: High-level programming environment Customizable OS and applications Powerful

2.3.2. Cons: Restricted to Apple More expensive Lesser hardware selection

2.4. Sources



3. Tablet Operating Systems

3.1. iOS5

3.1.1. iPad2 Pros: Less bulky, light-weight High battery life Ease of use Cons: Lower screen resolution No extra features Restricted to iTunes Restricted web browser Limited customibility Expensive

3.2. Android

3.2.1. Pros: Open source platform Customisation capability

3.2.2. Cons: Inconsistencies between devices Low quality range Built for smartphones

3.3. Windows7

3.3.1. Pros: Windows 7 PC friendly Stylus available

3.3.2. Cons: No smartphone sync Broad software and hardware compatibility Lower battery life

3.4. Dual Boot

3.4.1. Pros: Supports both Win 7 and Android OS Extensive features

3.4.2. Cons: Expensive Heavier Only 16gig SSD

3.5. Kindle Fire

3.5.1. Pros: Less expensive Amazon Silk split browser Linear presentation

3.5.2. Cons: 8GB of memory

3.6. Sources


4. Smartphone Operating Systems

4.1. iOS/ iPhone

4.1.1. Pros: Large selection of apps High usability

4.1.2. Cons: Restricted to Apple

4.2. Android

4.2.1. Pros: Free auto navigation Available for all major carriers Good selection of apps

4.2.2. Cons: Apps store inferior to iPhone

4.3. Windows 7 Mobile

4.3.1. Pros: Powerful

4.3.2. Cons: Sluggish Difficult to use

5. Netbook Operating Systems

5.1. Chromium

5.1.1. Pros: Long battery life Short boot time High resolution Isolated keyboard Quick setup Wireless built in

5.1.2. Cons: Need a Google account Slow performance Limited settings Few apps Printing is problematic

5.2. Windows7

5.2.1. Pros: Good support Common

5.2.2. Cons: Expensive

5.3. Linux

5.3.1. Pros: Free Small and portable Customizable

5.3.2. Cons: Support is hard to get Unstable

5.3.3. MeeGo

5.4. Sources


6. Gaming

6.1. Playstation

6.1.1. PS3 Pros: Good graphics Blu-ray player Cons: No backwards compatibility Weak online gaming network

6.1.2. PS2 Pros: Backwards compatibility Largest variety of games Can play DVDs Good pricing Cons: Only 2 controller ports Graphics are poorer than XBox

6.1.3. PSP Pros: Large LCD screen Online capability "Homebrew" Can play videos and music Cons: Memory cards are expensive Lower battery life (5hr) Easily damaged Long loading times

6.2. XBox360

6.2.1. Pros: Strong online gaming network Quieter

6.2.2. Cons: No memory card slot No Blu-ray, no Bluetooth

6.3. Nintendo

6.3.1. Wii Pros: Compatible with GameCube games Compatible with old Nintendo games Good for familes Cons: No CD or DVD playback Troublesome online gaming network Average graphics

6.3.2. DS Lite Pros: Long battery life (10 hr) Touchscreen Good prices Good variety of games Free WIFI service Cons: Weak graphics compared to PSP Easily damaged Can't play Gameboy/Gameboy Color games

6.3.3. 3DS Pros: Reasonably priced Bigger screen and higher resolution 3D video Augmented Reality Camera Cons: Low battery life (about 3 hr) Inconsistent 3D in games Charging cradle a waste of money Slow web activity Easily damaged

6.4. Sources