The "What?!" in Coaching

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The "What?!" in Coaching by Mind Map: The "What?!" in Coaching

1. Coach

1.1. Works on 1-2-1 basis

1.2. Supports client to achieve own results/outcomes

1.3. Builds on client's >0

1.4. Enables client to solve problems / change for the better

1.5. Brings relationship expertise to support client's solution

1.6. Focus on individual & interpersonal dynamics to support behavior change

1.7. Facilitates growth

1.8. Generally spread over time

1.9. Sustainable, long term results

1.10. Promotes self discovery

1.11. Values based GS

1.12. Maximizes client's commitment to implement solutions

2. Success & Measurement

2.1. Members

2.1.1. Coaching <=> GS

2.1.2. 80 % fulfilling goals


2.2.1. 80% engaged in at least 1 activity (initiative/project)

2.2.2. 100% go through PA

2.2.3. 90% achieved JD responsibilities

2.2.4. 100% coaches go through all meetings' objectives


3.1. The TRANSPORTATION mean to the why

3.2. Engaging members

3.3. Implementing the new structure

3.4. Support for

3.4.1. TM Systems Career Planning Pipeline Management Talent Tracking

3.4.2. 2 out of 3 phases in the @xp ELD Life long connection with @

4. Consultant

4.1. Usually works with more than 1 person (often in a team, board, group or department)

4.2. Structures project for specific results which the consultant is primary responsible

4.3. Problem focused

4.4. Regarded as "the expert" who will solve problems

4.5. Brings technical expertise to advise on solutions

4.6. If behavior change is needed => usually doesn't get involved

4.7. Gathers data & reports on what needs to be done

4.8. Time limited: short time and project oriented

4.9. Short term results

4.10. Provides info

4.11. Goals generally related to programs and funding

4.12. Limited commitment from client to implement