CrossBorder E-Commerce

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CrossBorder E-Commerce by Mind Map: CrossBorder E-Commerce

1. PDD Model

1.1. Market Size

1.1.1. Competition: None, Mucho will test the water

1.1.2. Supply: Can leverage Indonesia supply base?

1.1.3. Logistics: Last mile delivery a problem?

1.1.4. Payment: ?

2. Next Step

2.1. Speak to companies in India using Yunji Model

2.1.1. Chinese Layufa BulBul

2.1.2. India Meesho: Shunwei Glow Road Shop 101 Sweet Couch

2.2. Study Zilingo

3. Next Step

3.1. Yunji Model

3.1.1. Understand whether Logistics is ready for Yunji Model

3.1.2. Talk to local companies using Yunji model

3.2. B2B

3.2.1. Study Zilingo and understand if there are space

4. B2C and C2C is not interesting as unit economics are weak and competition from JD.ID, Shopee and Lazada

5. Platform

5.1. SEA

5.1.1. B2B Market Size Competition: Space to compete with Zilingo?

5.1.2. B2C Market Size: Economics are weak Competition: JD.ID

5.1.3. C2C Market Size: Economics are weak Competition: Shopee, Lazada

5.1.4. Social Yunji Model MarketSize

5.2. India

5.2.1. B2B Market size: Are enough B's transacting online Competition: No big competitor yet

5.2.2. B2C Market Size: Economics are weak Competition

5.2.3. C2C B2C has not taken off yet

5.2.4. Social Yunji Model Can we leverage supply base in China? Market size $48 Bn by 2022 PDD Model Logistics will not work out India is not a manufacturing hub