Underwriting Estimator Release 1.1

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Underwriting Estimator Release 1.1 by Mind Map: Underwriting Estimator Release 1.1

1. Stats

1.1. Hours Planned: 148 Hours Actual: 160

1.2. Goals Planned: 6 Goals Actual: 6

1.3. Budget Planned: No External Costs

2. Release Time Line

2.1. There was a smooth transition between Hannover re and AAA Life for the KB Files

2.2. The Signoff of the KB file does not really provide UAT signoff, as until the questions are dynamic in the UI the business really does not see the behaviour. Need to allow for more time for Underwriting to UAT after the KB file is signed off.

3. Deployment

3.1. Deployment was during the week, before Agents logged into the system and there were no issues with the KB file deployment. Very smooth

3.2. We seperated out the JAVA deployment for the clear button from the KB file to lower the risk on the deployment days

4. Team Behaviour

4.1. QA worked with the Business to find Agents in the field to participate in the change

4.2. Both Business and IT worked together to meet the Goals of the Release, shout outs were given to Sharron and Tyson for making priority decisions so quickly to protect the release date.

5. What we learned

5.1. KB Files are easy to deploy versus Agent Portal JAVA Code

5.2. Hannover re was a great partner in the Deployment process

5.3. We were able to communicate effectiv

5.4. Having a Pre-Load KB Show N Tell aided in everyone understanding the timeline with the release

5.5. Agents in the field do not always like to commit to testing.