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Chapter 16 by Mind Map: Chapter 16

1. 1.interpretation of the testament

1.1. art.675 CC

1.2. subjective interpretation: determine what the testator wants

1.2.1. Limits Children from marriage: legal children who can get heirship out of marriage: can't receive heirship no use of complementary interpretation: you can't put yourself in the place of the testator not married anymore when succession is open --> spouse will be no heir anymore

1.3. case law supports integrative interpretation

1.4. supplementary application of criteria provided in rules on interpretation of contracts

1.4.1. art.1284,1285,1289 cc and ( art.1287 cc)

1.5. legal critera

1.5.1. art.773 cc

1.5.2. art.747 cc

1.5.3. art.749cc

1.5.4. art.769 cc

1.5.5. art.770 cc

2. 2. The execution of the testamentary will

2.1. voluntary

2.1.1. art.898 cc

2.1.2. testator trust this person

2.2. personal

2.2.1. when the executor dies, the charge is distinguished.

2.3. Time

2.3.1. art.904,905,906 cc one year, counting from the moment he accepts. he is responsible for the validity of the testament

2.3.2. art.908 cc possible to be extended usually free

2.4. capacity

2.4.1. art.893 cc

2.5. acceptation

2.5.1. art.898 and 900 cc

2.6. types

2.6.1. faculties universeel particular: one special task art.902 cc: tasks of the executor(s)

2.6.2. action art.894 II cc special or general executor and can there can be more than one

2.7. extinction

2.7.1. art.910 cc the heirs can remove the executor with approval of the judge

2.7.2. art.907 cc